21-day lockdown – Day 2

“One should not be disturbed by the tricks of eternal Time….”

  • Srila Prabhupada

I heard Prince Charles tested positive and immediately realized how this disease has brought everyone on an equal, level playing field. Whether u r a billionaire in USA or a poor man in India, whether u r an educated urban elite or an illiterate tribal woman, all are equal in front of time. As the Italian saying goes, “After the game of chess both the king and the pawn lie in the same box “
Therefore now is the time to offer sincere prayers for everyone…..we all are suffering equally.
Also this is a time for sober reflection:
Prince Charles now reminds me the indefatigable power of time. Time changes all equations in a whiff. Fortunes change and powers are redefined in the court room of Mr. TIME.
I can’t help travelling back in time….history reveals similar lessons.
In the year 1600, William Hawkins was the first man from British East India Company (EIC) to set foot on Indian soil. He landed in Surat and carried a charter signed by the most powerful queen of England, Elizabeth, and a few paltry shareholders waited and hoped they would get some returns.
Hawkins went to Agra where he was greeted by the fourth Mughal Emperor Jahangir who at that point in time was the world’s richest man and the most powerful monarch that ruled the world. And in front of his opulent Hindustan, Queen Elizabeth’s England seemed a tiny hamlet. Hawkins realized the power and glory of Jahangir as the Emperor lavished first class hospitality on the
bemused trader; he was made a member of the royal elite club and given the most beautiful white woman from the King’s harem to enjoy. He also secured permission to trade at North Mumbai and slowly secured Madras port as well.
Meanwhile as the Spanish expanded their territory in Latin America, Hawkins and his successors insisted their policy was ‘Trade not territory’
Slowly but surely EIC sent two ships a month to India. Spices, gum, cotton brought rich profits to the company and the shareholders enjoyed 200% dividend. The EIC traders slowly got involved in local Indian politics as their economic interests was at stake. Soon the traders and accountants of EIC became governors and army generals. Finally, 150 years later in the battle of Plassey, Robert Clive routed Nawab of Bengal with a paltry 3000 men as opposed to the Nawab’ s 30,000, and secured the whole Northern India for British trade. Then followed terrible and decisive wars with Sikhs, Rajput’s and Marathas and as the once upon a time mighty Mughal empire perished like a pack of cards, EIC policy now became ‘Territory not trade’.
Another hundred years passed (total of 257 years since they first came to India) and Queen Victoria made a royal proclamation in 1858 whereby the royal British Empire took over the huge Indian subcontinent. From a tiny island of England, the queen now controlled the fate of 300 million Indians. See the way fortunes changed……
And now in 2020, Prince Charles is tested positive and so is Ramnath Tembe who draws a meager 15000 rupees every month salary and lives in a chawl and barely makes his ends meet.
Time has come a full cycle…
Realizing our insignificance, the only recourse is Prayer for all and humbly accepting the government’s order of staying indoors. We are tiny and better stay small.

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