21-day lockdown – Day 3

Modi said the government had drawn ‘Lakshman Rekha’ – the line of Lakshman who told mother Sita to stay safe within her cottage and not cross the line. But she stepped out and Ravana kidnapped her.
Similarly, the government tells us stay indoors or it could be disastrous for everyone.
The scriptures and our saints have given us Lakshman rekha as well.
A life of sense control and modest living and honest earning and sobriety is most natural for humans.
Somehow we have crossed this line and have been kidnapped by the Ravana like mind which manifests its thousand plus heads to bewilder us and take us away from a more natural and contended life.
This lockdown provides us an opportunity to reconnect to our values that tradition has upheld. Our ancestors were not fools. They knew what they were saying when they urged us to restrain our senses.
No school or college unfortunately teaches students to lead a life of sense control. On the contrary they encourage enjoyment as the goal of life. But it is common sense that when u have control over your senses you have more freedom. And when u simply gratify your mind and senses, you are bound by your desires.
When you control senses, your resources increase and when you let them loose, your loan increases.
When we went to a small village some years ago for preaching, we were appalled when small industrial workers said they hardly have 5000 rupees to spend and save every month as the rest goes in loan repayments. When we probed further we discovered many have taken luxuries and can’t afford them really. Many had washing machines but the village had no electricity and they still washed clothes with their hands. But the glamour bug and the illusion of opulence bringing happiness has got them. Today’s children have allergy to milk and are addicted to sprite. This scares me; have we got our priorities terribly wrong?
We have gone far away from the Lakshman rekha.
Let us rush back to the safe zone before it is too late for human redemption.
Let us redefine our priority and after this lockdown ends, let our life change for ever, for good.

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