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About Yoga For Modern Age

This website contains

  1. Practical life balance tips in general, and suggestions for improving our spiritual life in particular
  2. Interesting things that I hear, read or learn from my own struggles in life
  3. Daily scriptural meditations and my humble realizations on the different verses from the scriptures
  4. The realizations are based on my reading of various books ( a weakness I must confess I have), my social interactions, my life in a monastery, and the various services I render during the day

This website is designed to serve

  1. Sincere struggling sadhakas (spiritual practitioners)
  2. Teachers and preachers of Krishna consciousness
  3. Leaders, managers and the ‘servants’ within an institutional set up
  4. The new and curious to spiritual life
  5. Brahmacharis (celibate renunciants) living in a monastery