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Accept yourself and aim for Richness of the heart


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  1. Charudeshna Radhika Dasi says:

    Hare Krishna Vraja Bihari Prabhu


    Every word you speak is so Very true.

    Many of us have difficulty with self-acceptance because we are told how we should be. The journey from childhood to adulthood is replete with comparisons. We are taught to compare ourselves with others not just in terms of performance but also in our looks. Then there are the covert and overt suggestions that others are always better than us and all this in the name of teaching us humility!!!
    The media has had a large effect as have our internal tapes based on our personal family history etc…
    Can’t think of a better recipe for self-hatred.

    Over the years I have come to realise that self-acceptance is a process– not a destination .It is accepting who we are NOW– not as an end point but who we are while evolving……
    Yes-Self-acceptance is critical for a happy life as well as for personal growth. More importantly it does not mean we are unwilling to change. On the contrary it means that we are continuously giving ourselves permission to change and to evolve in our perceptions (sorry to use this word, but cant think of a better one, perceptions can be wrong!) and how we respond to things. The path of KC has helped me step out of my programming and to re-orient myself with regard to how I feel and how I perceive myself– internally and externally.

    HG Gaura Gopal prabhu’s CAR acronym helps a lot:

    C- Change what you can
    A- Accept what you can’t change
    R- Rise above the situation

    Thank you Prabhu for raising this very pertinent point with your characteristic brilliance. It is appreciated! You touched a chord. Would love to hear a complete lecture/seminar from you on this topic.

    Much gratitude and Kind regards


    • vraja bihari dasa says:

      thanks for your wonderful explanation. i am happy u too share the same thoughts. i have also come to realize that self acceptance is liberating. paradoxically, one becomes humble and feels small as he or she accepts himself or herself the way they are. it’s a state of gratitude and prayers.
      thanks again for sharing your realizations.
      vraja bihari dasa

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