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Are age old scriptures practical today? – Part 2

The effect of sacred writings

While drawing inspiration from others is a healthy habit, isn’t it better you discover your tools to cope with your exclusive challenges. I may quickly cram problem-solving methods from another person who has his psychological world of dreams and fears. Remember: you learn life-skills by daily application of timeless principles, and not by others’ adventures. Besides, quick-fixes won’t have a profound effect on me as compared to my own ‘aha’ moments, and personal, precious discoveries. And Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita assure plentiful epiphanies.

When people ask for ‘practical’ guidance from the Gita, I generally respond that Vedic books are original sound- sagacity beyond this world. To the extent one hears or studies them reverentially, one accesses intelligence beyond one’s ordinary awareness. And that understanding provides inner direction, guidance and all the valuable answers you need. The key is to ‘listen’ to the traditional writings and ponder on what’s the sacred message they carry over millennia. What bonds us with men and women who wrote these books and who lived on the same planet, watching the same stars and the sun, over centuries ago? Remember what Jimi Hendrix, one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century, said, “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”

The inner voice

Unfortunately, we live in a jet age where speed, action, and noise determine your success. Your insight, talent, happiness is all quantified on a scale of one to ten. From movies to your experience in a mall, or even your love life, everything is measured in numbers. When specifics rule the roost, there’s no place for abstract principles, but many things in life-especially your Tsunami of feelings and moods- are vague and can’t be computed objectively. To connect to your ‘voice’ amidst the thunderous ‘noise’ outside is a real challenge.

Spiritual works like Srimad Bhagavatam purify the mind and ego in a more natural, organic way; and you connect to your ‘voice’- it’s for real- it’s the way our consciousness evolves! One learns through trial and error and unites with his tender self. That learning is yours; it’s not a magic formula that someone else has shared with you. Most supernal pearls weren’t picked up from a cherry tree. Contemplative reading of philosophical writings, a life centered on values, a desire to serve and contribute- all these factors helped thinkers of past advance and uncover life’s amazing secrets. Real education helps you discover what’s inside you- the Latin origin, ‘educare’ means to bring out that’s within!

To be continued…

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