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Attracting the Lord by Compassion

The result of chanting enthusiastically and prayerfully is the development of genuine compassion in the heart; you develop an eagerness to serve and help others. A chanter feels deep internal connection to Krishna by chanting the Holy Names because the Holy Names are non-different from the Lord. The scriptures reveal that in the present age, the Lord incarnates in the form of His Holy Names. The Hare Krishna Maha Mantra is therefore the transcendental sound incarnation of God. When we chant the Maha Mantra sincerely we experience the presence of God, Krishna, in our lives. Radhanath Swami assures that this experience fills the heart with a special kind of happiness that you feel a strong desire to share with others.

 “When you chant attentively you actually experience the beauty of Krishna within your heart, it’s  such a higher taste and experience that whatever happens in this world, you may deal with it, but nothing can take away that unlimited love, that unlimited satisfaction of your relationship with Krishna; and you just want to share it with everyone. That is the result of chanting properly.”

How does one explain this phenomenon logically? Radhanath Swami once answered that as we chant attentively, love for God awakens in the heart. Besides, the person chanting sincerely acts on the spiritual platform of soul. On this platform, as a Hare Krishna yogi develops love for God, it’s natural for him or her to develop love for all other children of God because he now sees everything in creation in connection with his lovable Lord. The love for God in a devotee’s heart manifests in this world as compassion to all other children of God.

When Lord Krishna appeared five hundred years ago as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He revealed to the world the exalted nature of His devotees who due to their pure love for God had genuine compassion for other living entities. One such example was Vasudeva Dutta who pleaded with the Lord, “My heart breaks to see the suffering of all people in this world. I beg you to please let all their sufferings and sinful reactions fall upon me and let them all be awarded salvation and pure love.” This compassion purchased the Lord’s heart and He declared that He was a slave of Vasudeva Dutta; His heart had been conquered by Vasudev’s love.

Pure chanting rewards love for God; that love translates as compassion; the compassion attracts the Lord towards the chanter. As we are endeavouring to develop our attraction to Krishna by chanting the Holy Names, on developing compassion, it’s the Lord who develops attraction towards you.

On a practical level, good chanting translates as compassion towards others, especially when we face negative energy from others. If we face hate, indifference or criticism from others, a culture of good chanting helps us give back a different kind of energy; you’ll have the inner strength and substance to give back love, patience and compassion to the very people who inflict pain to you. When we reach such a stage, chanting has caused the greatest miracle on us.

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