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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 – Krishna is Time

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 – Krishna is Time- Vraja Bihari Das.

In 11th chapter, Arjuna says to Krishna that “if you claim to be the Supreme Lord then show me your universal form” and Krishna begins by saying that “Arjuna, you cannot see this universal form like this, you need a special vision. So Krishna tells Arjuna that he will give him that special vision and after seeing the universal form Krishna will withdraw that special vision from him. After getting the vision, Krishna first shows Arjuna all the good things such as oceans, hills, mountains and nature. After that Krishna starts showing fire from his mouth.

Arjuna could see warriors going into Krishna’s mouth and their head is being crushed in his teeth, there is fire from his eyes and there is death everywhere so Arjuna starts getting a little scared. It was so peaceful and good at the beginning and now what is this? So Arjuna asks Krishna “What is this going on?” because Arjuna could see people going into Krishna’s mouth and that he is destroying everything. And then Krishna stops showing his universal form while Arjuna was completely shocked and he was shivering. So now Arjuna is asking Krishna that ‘Who are you?’ because he was completely shocked to see this form of Krishna. For which Krishna says that he is the destroyer of this world.

Therefore, Krishna is Time and time is the destroyer of everything. Time is such a powerful energy that it can destroy everything and everyone. We have to accept that time is a very powerful factor and also that Krishna is Time and both have to go hand in hand. Again time is very powerful but that does not mean we give up our responsibility. So this goes on and on and finally Arjuna says that Krishna I cannot bare to see this form of yours, I want to see a nice form of yours. Then Krishna shows his four handed Vishnu form and finally shows his two handed form and then Arjuna is satisfied. You can know me in this form of two handed loving Krishna only when you practice uninterrupted and unmotivated devotional service. That means our devotional service is not dependent on the material situation.

Therefore we have to hold on to the principles only and especially when we’re in association,we have to practice those principles by chanting and hearing. So let us come together and accept the suffering Krishna has designed for us because he is Time.


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