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Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 13 – Nature, Enjoyer and conciousness – Vraja Bihari Das – 8th August 2015

Below is an excerpt from an Video Class on Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 13 – Nature, Enjoyer and consciousness by Vraja Bihari Das held on  8th August 2015.

Chapter 13 – The qualification to get real knowledge about Krishna, and it services in humility… and Humility is the first part of knowledge that is Krishna shares in Gyana Yoga.

The definition of humility – Not to be anxious to have the satisfaction to be honored by others.

With Humility and other quality which are part of knowledge shared in this chapter and keep the object of knowledge ‘Supersoul’ that is Krishna, then can perceive the presence of lord in our heart.

Supersoul ie Krishna is always in our heart, and he know everything and the best thing we can do be consciously aware in our heart. Hence, when we become alert, truthful and sincere, life become auspicious.

Now the only way to be aware of Krishna presence in our hearts, we need humility. Bhakti is all about a relationship, relationship with the lord cannot happen without Humility. Humility means to know that you are not the center of the world, you are not the center of attraction. Krishna is the center.

Krishna further talks about, The Material Nature is Prakriti and ‘Prakriti’ means controlled. Krishna is the Purusha, The controller of material nature.
Shetra is ‘Body’ and Shetragya is soul and super soul and with Gyana, the 20 part of knowledge and the object of the knowledge, Krishna are the 6 questions that Krishna answered in this chapter. The true example of humility has been demonstrated by Sanatan Goswami and in this lecture his humility is vividly shared, defining “what humility does NOT mean?”

And the final crust of this lecture shows where you get the 3 questions that shows whether you are ‘Humble’ or not.

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