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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 – Verse 11

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 – Verse 11.

Krishna in 14th chapter explained how there are three energies present and these energies are called as Gunas which means rope in Sanskrit. So there are three ropes that are constantly pulling us in the subconscious space and these energies are called modes of material nature. The three modes are Goodness, Passion and Ignorance; we are always controlled by these three. Therefore, we need to release ourselves from these energies and enter the spiritual space. For that we discussed how Krishna concluded the 14th chapter by saying that we have to take shelter of a higher energy. If we connect to the Lord through prayers and chanting, we can easily overcome the influence of the three modes. Then we discuss how somebody who chants the Lord’s name, he attains the Lord’s aboard. To understand the Lord’s aboard and the way these modes are influencing us here is what we’re going to discuss today in today’s chapter.

The 15th chapter talks about how this world is like an inverted banyan tree. We see all the things that are negative towards the spiritual growth is actually glorified in this material world. Lust is glorified in this world but in spiritual world, lust is absent and there is pure love and we discuss examples on how this world is opposite. How people get up late in the morning and go to sleep after mid-night. How everything has a different meaning for a spiritualist.

So Krishna explains how we are always traveling to different bodies like how the settle body takes the soul to different bodies. We also discussed about mind and ego. Now Krishna explains that this knowledge cannot be understood by all but only those who are in the mode of goodness who have certain orientation towards spiritual life. You can’t demand to understand everything; you have to mold your life in a certain way only then it can be understood.

This is a very important explanation by Krishna that many times we demand to know certain things but we cannot know in Krishna consciousness unless we go through certain purification. So something we easily understand and something we don’t. And then as you get purified by chanting the Holy name then you will slowly understand everything. And there is something which you will never understand in Krishna consciousness even when you die. Krishna says that the deep aspects of death and life can be understood easily by a few and some may not appreciate or understand it. So don’t focus on anything that you don’t understand like in a relationship we don’t focus on negative things. So like this Krishna reveals how you can have a relationship with him just like how you can have with your loved once. Krishna also reveals how we have to see him in everything, we can appreciate him by understanding how all the good things and powerful things is representing something and that something is Krishna.

We can feel the lord’s presence in our heart, we can actually feel that we’re very close to Krishna, but it all depends on our consciousness. When we’re chanting, we are actually investing our consciousness. If we actually spend time with Krishna then we will feel that he is a person, he is there and he is reciprocating. We have to spend time in a relationship, not just quality time but quantity time as well because a relationship will never grow without time.

Krishna says that he is seated in everyone’s heart and from him comes remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness, by all Vedas he is to be known, indeed he is the compiler of Vedanta and he is the knower of Vedas. Krishna says in the Gita that the happiness in this world is called misery because it has a beginning and an end. If the source of your happiness has a beginning and an end, then its misery because when it ends we feel sad. So Krishna tells us to connect to him and feel him in your heart so whatever will happen externally, you won’t get affected by it and you will still be happy.
Krishna says “connect to me, desire to attain me and you will be happy in all the situations. Things are happening in the material nature are controlled by the lord. Krishna concludes the chapter by saying that whoever knows him as the supreme personality of Godhead without doubting is the knower of everything. He therefore engages himself in full devotional service of Krishna.


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