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Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2 – Verse 69-72

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 2 – Verse 69-72 by Vraja Bihari Das.

Krishna is going to explain the difference between those who follow Krishna Consciousnesses seriously and those who disregards spiritual regulations.

Those who are materialistic and those who are in spiritual practice their life is complete different. Now there are 2 classes of intelligent men. One who is engaging in sense gratification, they focus his intelligence on eating, sleeping, mating and defending. While the intelligent in spiritual practice, they are there in the search of Self-realization, which is actual difference between human being and animals.

In terms of activities, both do hard work,  the difference is a person in spiritual practice is know that he is doing all the hard work for Krishna, while one who is materialistic works for satisfying his senses.

In terms of being alert, both are alert, a person in spiritual practice is alert not to break any rules and regular to the level of not offending anyone, where as the materialistic person is alert to satisfy his body and immediate sense gratification and for the materialistic person in-spite of seeing suffering, his activities is completely different.

In terms of being absorption, both are absorbed, materials person wants to be absorbed in 1000s of things, in anything apart from spiritual activities while a person in spiritual practice absorbed in thing related to spiritual activities.

A person in spiritual practice, they know the desire would come to their mind and even after that they practice hard towards the aspirations towards spirituals practice which ultimately make them as peaceful as an ocean.

Now the mind can fall anything, however the mind is the bodyguard of False Ego and the False Ego make one to thing that they are the center of the universe. And the solutions to it is knowing and focusing on the Absolute Truth and knowing everything is temporary.

Another way to look at it, keep all the issues that you have going through and giving it so much importance, keep it front of the issue of the death. That is why we have to focus on following and working on your goals which understanding the truth that this body is temporary and put our endeavor on spiritual activities.


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