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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5 – Verse 17 – 26

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5 – Verse 17 to 26.

When you take complete shelter of the Lord you will be completely liberated and your heart will get clean. If we are fixed in the knowledge of Krishna then we can actually feel the cleaning of the heart. As Krishna is the one holding on to us and managing us and our life so therefore he is the Supreme Reality. So if we can individually at our home doing Sadhana and collectively take shelter of this wonderfully loving Supreme Lord, then this knowledge of Krishna will remove all the contamination of the heart. And there are so many people who have felt the cleansing of their heart as this is a very practical thing that will happen because Krishna means attraction, he will attract everyone’s heart. So when we are occupied completely in thoughts of Krishna like offering a silent prayer in the bus or anytime you remember Krishna, there is cleansing of the heart.

Now when we add those remembrance of Krishna again and again then comes a time when sense gratifications appears insignificantly because Krishna has filled our consciousness so much. We may have distractions, we may get attracted to the material energy but at the same time we should chant Hare Krishna and remember the Lord and gradually Krishna remembrance will become more than the pulling of the material energy. One who always remembers Krishna, will see everyone equally because he sees as a part of Krishna and once the person has developed this vision in his heart then naturally there will be no exploitation and naturally there will be love.

Supreme absolute truth is called as Bhrama, Paramaathma and sometimes Krishna, all this refer to the same personality. Here is it mentioned that self realized person who is in this consciousness of seeing everyone equally, has no attraction or hatred against material things. He is not repulsive, he is flawless like Krishna and then he becomes time. Krishna says most of our happiness and pleasure in life are from the things external to us. All the pleasure we experience in life, that experience is based on someone or something external to our existence. But a self realized is the one who’s source of joy and happiness is from within. And if a person can actually experience the connection of Krishna from within then the greatest pleasure to him in the world appear insignificantly.

In today’s modern society which is intolerant, Shrimad Bhagvatam is the formula for how to tolerate. The problem is that when we keep tolerating more an more then afterwards we will explode like a volcano. Therefore while tolerating remember Krishna, offer your heart to Krishna and then that remembrance of Krishna will give you a taste in your heart. That feeling of appreciation and gratitude will give you the strength to tolerate. Till the time we leave our body, we will have to keep tolerating. And it is possible by controlling our senses. One who control everything is called as a sober person and such a person can make disciples all over the world one who can develop this control. So this is the struggle we have to go through in out life, just remember Krishna while tolerating the urges and then we will be happy fighting your whole life. Otherwise we will be miserable tolerating and after sometimes we wont tolerate also.

The one who can tolerate is the one who’s happiness is within. Those who work for others and serve others are generally more happy than the ones who are busy building an empire for themselves. One who is actually self realized will not discriminate and love everyone equally and respect everyone equally. So our aspiration is to reach on that stage when we free from fault finding and when we do that we can reach on the stage of self realization and we will be internally satisfied.


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