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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 – Verse 13 – 19

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 – Verse 13 to 19.

The first thing which was discussed in 7th chapter is ‘hearing’. The first theme was just to hear, A detailed session was discussed on Krishna telling Arjuna that hearing is very important. Then from text number 4 onward it came into light that how Krishna is glorious and how we can see Krishna in nature. When we see earth, we see Krishna. When we taste water we know that the taste is Krishna. When we smell earth, the fragrance is Krishna. So like that Krishna says that he is the strength of the strong, he is the OM of vedic mantras, he is the ability of the man, he is the original seed of all the creation and the intelligence of the intelligent. Then Krishna says a very important verse that how he is the essence of everything. Krishna gives an example on how he is binding everything and how he is the essence of everything by saying when there is a garland of flowers, he is the thread which binds it together.

Most people in this world do not understand Krishna. On one hand Krishna the way he explains it appears so simple, but the question is why we don’t understand that Krishna is the cause and reason of everything. Why are we prevented from seeing Krishna? From what are we prevented from knowing Krishna? Why are we prevented to surrendering to Krishna? If he is everywhere and he is the essence of everything then why can’t we know Krishna? Why doesn’t the world recognize Krishna? It is all because they are in ignorance and forgetfulness.

In the next verse Krishna say people are bewildered by The Three Gunas, The Modes of Material nature which are goodness, passion and ignorance. And Krishna says that he is above these modes. Now before understanding Krishna above these three modes, let us first understand what these modes are. Now Gunas means energy, just like you have mobile phones running on radiations, actually everything there is energy. So similarly these energy of goodness passion and ignorance is also there in the ether space and internally also. Satva means mode of goodness where you feel very peaceful, when you see the sunrise you feel peaceful, you feel like helping others, you feel like wanting to be clean. So Satva-guna is present in the atmosphere. Then there is passion for example, in the morning when you catch a train at peak hours pushing the crowd, cracking explicit jokes in the office and watching explicit things on the internet or competing with your competitor all are in passion mode. And then there is ignorance which means darkness.

So all of us are influenced by these three modes always. So like that Krishna is saying that these three are the invisible trap. The world is trapped by these three modes and they don’t know that they are bewildered by the three modes. Some may say that there are Self made-man, basically they are passionate, they are completely in the mode of passion and they are thinking that they are aware of their existence but no. They are like a puppet and there are three strings that are controlling him.

Therefore in Krishna consciousness what we do is Chant Hare Krishna because when we chant attentively everyday, it helps us understand how we are getting influenced by these modes. Never take decisions when you are hungry, angry and tired because that is the worst time to take decisions and the decisions are influenced by these modes. So all three modes are trap because of which we are unable to see Krishna.

Some people are always miserable, some people are always fighting, some people are always passionate about academics, some people are always like the the way they are because they are all trapped by these three modes and because of which we cannot surrender to Krishna and because of which some take up the habits of taking drugs or tobacco or watching pornography and they are trapped by theses habits. And some people may have a good habit of getting up early in the morning. So the modes trap us and because of the influence of the modes we get habits and that is why Krishna is nowhere in picture.

We want to be free from this trap so that we can get Krishna. Krishna says in text number 14 that this is a very powerful energy and it is next to impossible to over come it. So you alone cannot get over it but you will easily cross these three modes and reach beyond if you surrender to Krishna. But Krishna reveals that there are four types of people who will never come to Krishna. So the first type is a foolish hard working ass and the characteristics of such a person is working hard for little money and little sex. His main characteristics is that he is busy and no time. The point here is a person is so absorbed in purchasing problems of others and he is carrying so much of burden in his so called duty that he does not have time for spiritual life. Another characteristics of such a person is that he is selfish in general and he has sleepless nights working hard. The second type is lowest of mankind, now these are the people who are socially and politically developed. But they have no spiritual principles, they don’t accept religion, they don’t accept God. Their only hope is mercy of devotee. The third type is people who don’t surrender to Krishna are those people who’s knowledge is been stolen by illusion – Maya which means they may be a great philosopher or a great knowledgeable person and they may write books on Krishna but they will never surrender to Krishna. That means they have knowledge but they don’t have realization. The fourth type of person is the one who is completely in the shelter of atheistic mode. These are the people who challenge God, who think God doesn’t exist. These people want to see God logically.

Now Krishna says that there are four types of people who will go to Krishna.
The first type is distress, one who is in stress, second is the one who is curious to know who is God. Third is the one who wants wealth and the forth type of person is the person who wants Krishna.

The conclusion is whether you have desires or no desires, at least you first come to Krishna then Krishna will purify you. Now of these four the best one is the knowledgeable person because he have nothing for motivation. Krishna will fulfill all your desires


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