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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 – Verse 1

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 – Verse 1

This chapter begins with Arjuna Confusion.  Arjuna asks Krishna, “You are telling me to fight the war and the same time you explained how we should use our intelligence in services of Lord. So if I use my intelligence then all what I am doing is abominable, so basically is should not work… So should I work or should I not work?”

Though there is no such confusion but this confusion is created because of Anjuna’s material desire to avoid the unpleasant fight and that is why he asking Krishna for a clarity. The most important thing about his inquiry was that Arjuna didn’t use the same philosophy to justify his actions towards fulling his desires but worked on getting a clarification.

Hence, this verse said by Arjuna demonstrates what attitude one should have towards Krishna and towards his instructions.

We also find all devotees who are attending all these Satsang program, chanting the holy name together and all other spiritual activities is done for developing this Attitude of being a servant of Krishna and glorifying him and giving up the identity of being a master and in that we would experience deeper happiness.

Now, there are 4 levels of spiritual consciousness and how it evolves.
1. Enjoyment at a level of sense gratification in the material world at a level of obsession towards material happiness.
2. Educating oneself and ponder on point why people are suffering even after focusing enjoyment at sense gratification.
3. Implementation what we learn, where we sacrifice something lower for a higher taste of Krishna Consciousness.
4. Enlighten is experienced where one heart is at the stage of purity and this place is of higher pleasure

Ultimately, it boils down to love to Krishna through being a servant to him.


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