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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 – Verse 27 – 35

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 – Verse 27-35.

This section of third chapter tells us lessons about basic leadership.

In the 4th lesson of leadership, one learns that how he is not the doer,a leader is convinced that he has certain limitations in life and he cannot do everything and instead of being in doer consciousness he is into devotional consciousness. Now in this world people think they are doing everything and they take the control of their life but here the question is that ‘can one control his body first?’

A great example for this can be a gambler, now psychologist have studied deeply that when a gambler wants a smaller number he will shake the dice a few times and throw it on the desk expecting that he will get a lower number but when he wants a higher number like 5 or 6 then he will shake the dice as many times as possible thinking by doing that he will get a higher number, this happens because he is subconsciously convinced that he is the doer and he has the control over his life and he has control over everything so initially he thinks by shaking the dice many times he will get the higher number although it is not in his hands. Similarly, one works very hard in office by doing so many projects just to make his life perfect but material energy throws events at random situations then suddenly everything goes wrong and it’s not in his hands. Narad Muni explains that everybody is working hard to get spirituality which one cannot get by roaming around the world because if he is working hard to get happiness then he is foolish as happiness will come without asking just like how sad events comes without asking and time is so powerful that one day it will give you happiness and day it will give you sadness. So Narad Muni tells that one should focus is Krishna consciousness and not to be in doer consciousness where he expects to get something in material life.

One who knows absolute truth about Krishna will not work hard for sense gratification because he knows that he has to work in devotion as he is not working in doer consciousness but he is working in devotion consciousness and devotion mean praying to Krishna. It will give the devotee of Krishna certain kind of pleasure and that pleasure is higher than the pleasure of sense gratification. The happiness of a Krishna devotee lies in remembering Krishna and that pleasure which he gets by remembering Krishna will give him a taste to say no to all the sense objects. So devotion is what one should focus on because everything in this world which we think will give us happiness is the source of misery according to Bhagavat Gita.

Therefore, a leader can develop this consciousness only if he realizes that he is a servant as a leader means who serves and no one in this world will teach you this principle. When we are in servant consciousness we attract Krishna similarly when we are not in servant consciousness we are nothing but miserable. So when we are free from the doers consciousness then we can attract Krishna and this is the 4th quality of a Leader. Basically when a devotee of Krishna meets others then he will not do wasteful talk or gossip around but he speaks about things which are favorable for devotional service and if he is a saint then he will not keep quiet, if he sees something wrong then he will address it which is the main quality of a leader. So Krishna is not saying that only by having devotional consciousness one becomes a leader but he balances courage and consideration both which means he is mature by knowing when to say what.

Now Krishna explains how one should fulfill his duties and in today’s world this goes to all who work in office. One should work without having desire for profit for self but also do his duty at the same time. For example,a cashier in a bank does not get excited if one deposits Rs. 50,000/- in bank or does not get sad when someone withdraws Rs. 1,00,000/- from the bank because he knows that he is only an instrument. So one should be in a mode of a cashier realizing nothing belongs to him as in today’s world a lot of misery is happening because one is in selfish consciousness and this all happens because one has a deadly quality called envy as he cannot see one doing a better job than him. Now here Krishna says that if we have envy quality then we are moving towards destruction, so abandon this mentality as non-envyness is very much needed because when one is envy, then they lose the quality of sharing anything good with people around. So Krishna is saying that a leader should do his duty without being envy.

One should be naturally situated as it is the most important leadership quality a leader should have. This means Krishna is telling one should be himself and not try to imitate others and do his duties according to his nature and not to perform his duties getting affected by attachments. Basically the point Krishna giving is that all of us have a nature potential to serve, so serve and be in the mode of service and one who is in that mode is a leader. So don’t give up your duties artificially as there are 3 reasons why it is dangerous if one is not naturally situated
1. It is whimsical – so you will have option to reject your duty by which your goals and your focus will be sense gratified.
2. Social stability – which will only come if we are naturally situated.
3. It is not easy to give up our duty as one can easily get attracted to the external aspects of some other duty or glamor.

Therefore, the best position to be at is in the mode of servant which is also the message of Bhagavat Gita that tells one to be small. A famous British poet once said that ‘A great man is always willing to be little’.


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