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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 – Verse 36 – 43

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 – Verse 27-35.

This section of third chapter tells us about the Enemy of Soul which is Lust. There is some great force which drags us to do wrong activity. So our biggest enemy is lust and the meaning of lust is opposite of love, lust whenever we think of enjoying for our-self and when ‘I’ is the goal that is called lust. And it’s the gross form as lust manifest as an in sex desire and in it’s subtle form it manifests the desire for name, fame, worship.

Krishna says that lust leads us to anger and it is born from the mode of passion and clears that this is a sinful and number one enemy of our soul and says that we are helplessly dragged to do wrong activity by this force. Originally, the soul has the desire to please Krishna but now when the soul has come in contact with material nature then pure desire to love Krishna is transformed into lust.

For example, when the rain drop is falling it is pure but when it comes into contact with a muddy land the water becomes dirty so similarly all the souls are pure but when it comes into contact with material nature one’s soul becomes dirty. It’s a challenge to live in this world because this desire of lust is very dangerous. Basically lust is very overwhelming although is has it’s useful purposes, if there is love then the anger is bonafied and when there is lust then the anger is destructive and that anger makes one completely blind and we will give up everything to satisfy the lust.

So Krishna is explaining on how lust have different degrees which is explained via this example – although the fire is covered with smoke we do realise that there is fire within the the smoke, the form and function of fire is not much hampered. Similarly in human body and soul our potential to love God can be realised although there is the covering of lust. So here, human life is compared with fire covered by smoke. Then he is saying the animals are lesser consciousness than human, so for them the lust is covered just like mirror is covered with dust. So when the mirror is covered with dust we can see the form of the mirror but the functionality of the mirror to reflect is compromised because of the dust. Therefore the covering of dust on mirror is thicker than the covering of smoke on fire. Similarly the covering of lust on animals is thicker and stronger than compared with the lust on human, animals have less control and less ability to over come that negative energy. But in human life if you follow Krishna, Chant Hare Krishna then lust will not trouble and there will be love instead of lust. So Krishna Consciousness is the solution.

Krishna says that internal enemy can never be satisfied and it burns like fire but Krishna is also giving a solution to stop the desire for lust completely by telling us to stop feeding lust and to fight back to lust we should first know where the enemy ie. lust is sitting. So the first place where lust is sitting is in our senses. And Krishna is providing with the solution by saying that one should regulate his senses like he should regulate his eating habits, sleeping habits, walking and talking habits. So first regulate your eyes, be clear with what you watch and observe and then regulate your eating, look what you eat. Krishna tells us to regulate the senses but also tell us that senses is stronger than inner matter because it has life. But stronger than the senses is the mind because mind will direct us. But stronger than mind is intelligence which can control the mind. However sometimes intelligence also fails so there is something Mind is stronger than intelligence. In our case the intelligence is contaminated by mind which means we understand that what is wrong and what is right but mind is a place to have desire. In short intelligence is the superior but mind bribes the intelligence. Therefore intelligence is forced to act according to what mind wants. So ultimately, we cannot even rely on intelligence. Therefore Krishna tells us that soul is higher than intelligence and we have to act in the level of soul. So pray to Krishna then Krishna will take over the intelligence and give power to intelligence to say no to such kind of negative activities.

So the conclusion is that we should all go to Krishna just like a small child who is helpless. But we should be with the mentality that we should be like that child and should not pretend in front of Krishna that ‘I am smart, very advanced and very knowledgeable person’ but expose yourself in front of Krishna with your naked soul then only we can take his shelter. And Krishna will give us power to overcome this situation.

Therefore the full-form of lust is
L- Love
U- Understanding Krishna
S- Shelter of Krishna
T- Tolerate


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