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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 – Verse 1 – 10 – Part 2

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 – Verse 1-10 – Part 02 and a brief discussion on the position of Lord Chaitanya.

Lord Chaitanya is non different from Krishna, he is the same Krishna who appears Lord Chaitanya in Kalyuga in a hidden incarnation in a role of a devotee. Who exactly is this Lord Chaitanya? The reason why Lord Chaitanya came in Golden form is because he came to give something which has not been given before. Basically he came to give love for Krishna in conjugal mood and in simple words Lord Chaitanya came to give the conditions souls of kalyuga, the flavor of loving Krishna as a lover. We cannot artificially imitate this but at the same time we cannot avoid talking about it also. (We should understand what Lord Chaitanya is giving.) Lord Chaitanya show how to practice Bhakti which means fully sold out to Krishna. A true devotee will never leave Krishna even if Krishna takes everything from the devotee, this is called being truly sold out to Krishna that even if there is nothing left with the devotee and still he wants to practice Krishna consciousness. But it’s not like Krishna will take everything from his devotees nor does he go away from them. And this is explained with a beautiful example. Once Krishna called all the Gopis in the middle of the night in the forest and all Gopis came but then Krishna disappeared. So all the Gopis started calling for Krishna desperately and finally Krishna came in front of the Gopis. All the Gopis asked Krishna a question that what kind of lover he was out of the 3 categories,
1st – Are you a lover who reciprocates as much as he gets?
2nd – Are you a lover who reciprocates less then he gets? or
3rd – Are you a lover who will receive less but reciprocate more?
Krishna said that he is none of the 3 categories but he is the 4th category lover who loves to see his devotees desperately call out for him as he gets great joy in that. Krishna also says that he was never away from there but he was hiding behind a tree and watching all the Gopis call out for him. This is the way Krishna reciprocates. So the bottom line is that Krishna is never away from us, he just wants to see how much we call out to him and then he will appear. Therefore, we should never lose faith in Krishna.

One should know that praying to Krishna might not solve his problems in life but he will get one step closer to Krishna. If you take shelter of Lord Chaitanya, then you will feel the joy of loving Krishna and after that everything will appear insignificantly. The reason why Lord Chaitanya came in golden complexion is because Lord Krishna has many potency and one of the potency is pleasure potency by which he desires pleasure that is called ‘Hladini’ and Shrimati Radha Rani is the representor of this potency as she gives the highest pleasure to Krishna but actually Radha Rani is not different from Krishna they both are the same. So Krishna was one but now he has become two in order to enjoy the pleasure potency. Therefore, Krishna became ‘Radhe Krishna’ and ‘Radhe Krishna’ again became Lord Chaitanya in the mood and complexion of Radha.

The reason why Krishna came in Srimati Radha Rani’s mood is because he wanted to know how it feels when she loves him. Krishna wanted to know what love it was and how is the experience. Krishna also wanted to know that what are the qualities in himself that Radha got so much attracted to and what is the happiness that she is experiencing when she remembers me? To find this out Krishna comes in Radha’s complexion and mood to experience that same love. So this is the Philosophy and position of Lord Chaitanya.


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  1. Neha Ruchandani says:

    Hare Krishna! Your lectures always leave me thinking more about how I can serve Krishna and I really can’t stop listening.
    I used to attend your lectures in Mumbai but since I have moved to UAE I was finding it difficult to attend lectures here. I am thankful to him for helping me find a way to stay connected to my Guru.

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