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Kishor pulled up his laptop and opened the mail.

Swami Abhayananda Tirtha’s reply was on his screen. Venky read it out.

“Dear Kishor,

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Venky smiled, “You are disturbed as well as at ease, an amazing contrast”

“Yes, and the reason why I am happy is because

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Venky had heard it all. He knew about the legendary king Parikshit Maharaj who was cursed to die within seven days and he

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Venky felt a gentle hand on his shoulder as all of them caught a last glimpse of swamiji who was now walking to

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Seeing the empty road guruji smiled, “We have no traffic today, thanks to the cricket match”

Venky silently observed guruji. He felt trapped.

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The friendly tug of war with each nudging and pushing the other to hold the garland was seen by Aki who walked up

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