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Life Lesson from Cricket-20

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“Just see the birds again”, Aki urged the group, “And see the men and women rushing in their four wheelers outside. What a

Life Lesson from Cricket-18

Life Lesson from Cricket-18 »

Aki was happy to enlighten further, “Before we do anything our mind starts seeing the event; how it would occur and what would

Life lesson from Cricket-17

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“Human life is precious; we are blessed with the ability to discover rich inner fulfilment through our activities, and bring joy to the

Life Lesson from Cricket-16

Life Lesson from Cricket-16 »

“I think this explains why I am miserable sometimes”, Kishor got candid, “I am sorry to interrupt, but during my initial days in

Life Lesson from Cricket-15

Life Lesson from Cricket-15 »

“But twenty years later when he had ninety nine centuries in his kitty, the hundredth one became elusive. The media was sensational each

Life Lessons from Cricket-14

Life Lessons from Cricket-14 »

“If it’s tough to play cricket at the international level, it’s madness to play the ‘monk’ game for so long. A cricketer has

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