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Rewards in seeking shelter »

Once when a student asked me if it helps write letters to God, I said, “Of course it does”. He then enquired, “Do

Be there to catch God »

Chanting Hare Krishna yields best results when performed in the early hours of the day. The wee hours of morning fill the atmosphere

Seeing light or serving God? »

While performing the Hare Krishna meditation what are the different spiritual visions one could experience?  Once Radhanath Swami’s guru, Srila Prabhupada was told

Yogi, mind your mind »

The Hare Krishna meditation helps the Bhakti Yogi see his own mind. As we sit down to chant, the devotee offers prayers to

What’s your motive?

What’s your motive? »

The lifestyle of a Hare Krishna chanter plays a critical role in developing taste in chanting.

We’ve heard of “Work is worship”, and

Encouraging others

Encouraging others »

 “Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.” – Helen Keller

Recently my guru Radhanath Swami

Meeting the emotional needs

Meeting the emotional needs »

Celibates living in an ashram could find life more stressful and challenging than those of men and women living outside and working

Recharging the batteries

Recharging the batteries »

Celibates at Radhanath Swami’s Radha Gopinath ashram have a day packed with services; many of these services have deadlines and quality control

A Wealthy Renunciate »

Could a renunciate be a billionaire? Celibate monks (brahmacharis) live in an ashram (also known as brahmachari ashram) and have minimum possessions. All

Making Tolerance a happy experience

Making Tolerance a happy experience »

One of the important qualities that an apprentice monk (also known as brahmachari) needs to cultivate is the quality of tolerance. The ether

Making best use of a bad bargain

Making best use of a bad bargain »

I am most often hard pressed for time. There are many things to be done and it seems I don’t have much

Selfless Sacrifice of three sons

Selfless Sacrifice of three sons »

Braja Raja Priya is a thirty year old celibate monk in our ashram. His older and younger brothers are also celibate monks

Western views of celibacy

Western views of celibacy »

While reading ‘Clerical Celibacy: The Heritage’ by William E. Phillips, I noted with interest that the Vedic culture had influenced Western thought

Variety adds spice to ashram life

Variety adds spice to ashram life »

Since childhood I had been fascinated by the Indian cricket team; not so much for their sporting skills as much for their

Happiness in the brahmachari ashram

Happiness in the brahmachari ashram »

Today morning Pitambar dasa, a 42 year old resident of our ashram and an old friend of mine was enthusiastically serving prasadam, breakfast,

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