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Servitude- the most natural position »

Have you ever offered your seat on a train to an old man or a pregnant woman? Have you ever helped a blind

Enthusiasm melts God’s heart »

Enthusiasm is the key to find spiritual joy while chanting. A mechanical approach to Bhakti Yoga involves simply the external fingering of beads,

Making the right choice »

One of the common challenges to confront while chanting is to try and bring the wandering mind back to the Holy Names of

Humility- the weapon to control mind »

The mind has many tricks up its sleeve. The mind’s restless tantrums become obvious when we sit down to chant peacefully in a

The magic talisman of tolerance »

Radhanath Swami gives a brilliant example to explain the need of cultivating certain desirable qualities that can help us access the deep, lasting

Overcoming quarrel and hypocrisy »

One of the directly perceivable benefits of chanting the Holy Names of Krishna is it helps us individually and collectively overcome the two

The ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’s of maya »

To improve our chanting, it’s imperative to comprehend the principle of maya. Maya refers to ‘that which is not’.  To understand this phenomenon

Three stages while dealing with the mind »

The most common experience of all chanters is the impossibility they feel in controlling the mind. The moment you sit to chant, the

Cultivating faith while working hard »

The Hare Krishna yoga yields immense benefits when performed with faith. The process is not a mechanical exercise of moving the beads or

Regulating the tongue’s vibration »

Our internal connection with Krishna gets stronger when we supplement the chanting exercise with diligent avoidance of mundane gossip and wasteful talks. News

Hare Krishna chanting resolves religious conflicts »

One of the striking benefits of chanting Hare Krishna is it helps resolve religious conflicts, and enables us to see other human beings

Trust God and distrust the mind »

One of the major stumbling blocks for a Bhakti Yogi has been to contend with the restless mind.  Few teachers openly discuss this

Hard work or hardly working? »

Some spiritual practitioners complain that despite many years of practising the Hare Krishna yoga, the chant seems to be a drag.  They wonder

Culture of service and appreciation »

Chanting Hare Krishna is not an isolated activity. Just like a person may be administered the best medicine during sickness, still his complete

Purifying effect of Sound Vibration »

The Hare Krishna yoga can be performed in two ways; an individual exercise of soft chanting or the group effort of loud singing

Rewards in seeking shelter »

Once when a student asked me if it helps write letters to God, I said, “Of course it does”. He then enquired, “Do

Be there to catch God »

Chanting Hare Krishna yields best results when performed in the early hours of the day. The wee hours of morning fill the atmosphere

Seeing light or serving God? »

While performing the Hare Krishna meditation what are the different spiritual visions one could experience?  Once Radhanath Swami’s guru, Srila Prabhupada was told

Yogi, mind your mind »

The Hare Krishna meditation helps the Bhakti Yogi see his own mind. As we sit down to chant, the devotee offers prayers to

What’s your motive?

What’s your motive? »

The lifestyle of a Hare Krishna chanter plays a critical role in developing taste in chanting.

We’ve heard of “Work is worship”, and

Encouraging others

Encouraging others »

 “Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.” – Helen Keller

Recently my guru Radhanath Swami

Meeting the emotional needs

Meeting the emotional needs »

Celibates living in an ashram could find life more stressful and challenging than those of men and women living outside and working

Recharging the batteries

Recharging the batteries »

Celibates at Radhanath Swami’s Radha Gopinath ashram have a day packed with services; many of these services have deadlines and quality control

A Wealthy Renunciate »

Could a renunciate be a billionaire? Celibate monks (brahmacharis) live in an ashram (also known as brahmachari ashram) and have minimum possessions. All

Making Tolerance a happy experience

Making Tolerance a happy experience »

One of the important qualities that an apprentice monk (also known as brahmachari) needs to cultivate is the quality of tolerance. The ether

Making best use of a bad bargain

Making best use of a bad bargain »

I am most often hard pressed for time. There are many things to be done and it seems I don’t have much

Selfless Sacrifice of three sons

Selfless Sacrifice of three sons »

Braja Raja Priya is a thirty year old celibate monk in our ashram. His older and younger brothers are also celibate monks

Western views of celibacy

Western views of celibacy »

While reading ‘Clerical Celibacy: The Heritage’ by William E. Phillips, I noted with interest that the Vedic culture had influenced Western thought

Variety adds spice to ashram life

Variety adds spice to ashram life »

Since childhood I had been fascinated by the Indian cricket team; not so much for their sporting skills as much for their

Happiness in the brahmachari ashram

Happiness in the brahmachari ashram »

Today morning Pitambar dasa, a 42 year old resident of our ashram and an old friend of mine was enthusiastically serving prasadam, breakfast,

The joy of no sex

The joy of no sex »

“You must be crazy”, yelled the manager on hearing that we practise celibacy and live in a monastery. I was presenting spiritual

The Celibacy Inspiration at Udupi »

For inspiration and break, many brahmachari monks visit Udupi, a holy town in the state of Karnataka, the Southern part of India, where

Become a master first

Become a master first »

Our philosophy is to selflessly serve all; become the ‘servant of servant’ of God, Krishna. However I am now beginning to realize

Desire- the master technique

Desire- the master technique »

Today I read many beautiful quotes of Srila Prabhupada on chanting. I wish I could remember them often, especially during my chanting session.

Mental peace through Journal writing

Mental peace through Journal writing »

Try this experiment now, and then read further:

Resolve to ‘just write’ for the next 10 minutes. Set the watch and start.

Change the language from ‘I should do’ to ‘I want to do’

Change the language from ‘I should do’ to ‘I want to do’ »

“Thus I have explained to you knowledge still more confidential. Deliberate on this fully, and then do what you wish to do.”

Remembering a song two decades later

Remembering a song two decades later »

“I have brought medicine to awaken every living being from perpetual sleep. Please receive the holy name of the Lord, the Hare Krishna

Offering prayers during the month of Kartik

Offering prayers during the month of Kartik »

“To they who worship Krishna in Vrindavan, the Lord gives them their original spiritual forms. The perfect atonement to purify the sins

When our ‘failure’ is a success

When our ‘failure’ is a success »

We are afraid to make chanting our number one priority in life because of the fear of failure.

Chanting Hare Krishna can

Alone but not lonely

Alone but not lonely »

“I couldn’t understand the difference between friends and enemies. My friend was shocked to hear that I was moving go the Bowery, but

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