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When Allah accepts Rasagulla

When Allah accepts Rasagulla »

One look at Dr Zakir Naik’s fiery speech in the high-tech video, “Allah in the Vedas” and we are left wondering, “Is

The “Show Bottle” Conmen

The “Show Bottle” Conmen »

It’s a common sight on roadside pavements of Mumbai to see a beverage selling cart display attractive bottles with oozing juices and other

When Zakir Naik blasphemes Mohammed

When Zakir Naik blasphemes Mohammed »

Dr Zakir Naik claims that the Bhavishya Purana predicts Mohammed. Let’s see what the relevant section of the Purana, that is, Pratisarga ParvaSarag Parv

Cricket lover’s agony

Cricket lover’s agony »

Going down memory lane…(2003 world cup)

As all politicians, cutting across party lines and personal differences came together and unanimously congratulated the

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