Celebrate Krishna’s Gifts

“I had no shoes and I complained until I met a man who had no feet” – Wally Lamb (American novelist)

“I am good for nothing”, lamented a student who felt depressed that he had flunked his semester tests for the second time. “I can’t show my face to my friends” he sighed. I reasoned there surely would be unique areas of expertise that he could tap into. Each one us has been bestowed with talents and we can certainly contribute meaningfully to the overall wellness on this planet. Therefore instead of lamenting let’s celebrate our unique endowments and contribute to others’ happiness.

A crow felt despondent, “I am neither beautiful, nor can I sing well; I am just a dirty scavenger, and people always shoo me away”. Just then, seeing a beautiful swan, he loudly sighed, “Oh! How attractive you are, with sparkling white feathers and an elegant gait; you live in beautiful lakes amidst blooming lotuses, and are admired by all”. The swan humbly bowed his head and regretted, “My dear friend, I am just a bland, unattractive white coloured bird. But just look at the parrot! He is beautifully green, and his reddish beak, and sweet voice makes him an ideal choice. The humans love to keep parrots as pets, and they are the most pampered lot amongst bird lovers.” The crow soon met a parrot, and showered praises on him for being the most blessed amongst birds. “I feel incomplete”, confessed the parrot, “I envy the multi coloured feathers of a peacock. He is undoubtedly the most beautiful, and when he spreads his feathers to dance during the rain, that’s the most beautiful sight to behold.” The crow rushed to meet the lucky peacock, and was surprised to find, he too felt miserable at his existence. “I have no privacy; people keep looking for me, hunters poach my feathers, and sell me in a zoo”, lamented the peacock, “you are the luckiest; no one disturbs you; how I wish I was a carefree, happy crow flying everywhere like you!”

Do you feel inadequate like the crow, and believe that if you had something that someone else has, you’d be happier. Do you grieve over the fact that people don’t accept you the way you are? C’mon, the crow, parrot, swan, and the peacock, each is unique; and so are you. There’s no need to hold back your originality, and lose your uniqueness. You are indeed special, and you do add to the sparkle and freshness of this world.

Remember what the water can do, gasoline can’t, and what the copper can, gold cannot. The ant’s tenderness helps it move about, while the rigidity of the tree keeps it rooted. Each one of us has been designed with uniqueness; Krishna has bestowed a unique ability to each one of us and there’s a purpose that you alone can fulfil by being your distinctive self. You are here to be you…just you!

In the history of this universe, there’s been nobody like you, and to the infinity of time to come, there wouldn’t be another person like you. Yes, you are a wonder, and please do celebrate, with gratitude, your unique contribution to this world. Krishna is giving us a rare chance in this human form of life to serve with our heart and soul, and go back home, back to Godhead.


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  1. Jagdish Yadav says:

    Hare Krishna,
    Amazing Post Prabhuji. Indeed we live like a crow and keep seeing other’s. We tend to think that Life of other’s is better than us, but we forget that we too are ‘Others’ for someone. Now on before cribbing, I would check my thoughts and actions.
    Hari Bol.
    Your Servant

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