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Dasya Bhava – The Service Attitude towards the Lord

Following is an excerpt from a lecture on Dasya Bhava – The Service Attitude towards the Lord – Vraja Bihari Das

Serving the Lord in the mode of service.

Being a servant of the Lord is the most important process of all the 9 processes of devotional service as this is considered to be the most important ingredient of other 8 processes. We all are servants even if we are serving our mind and senses or serving Lord Krishna. One may claim that he is not anyone’s servant and that he is the master but eventually he will land up keeping a pet and serve that pet dog or a cat so ultimately the propensity to serve cannot be wished away. Therefore, servitude is there always so we have to choose whether we want to serve Krishna or we want to serve Maya. If one says that he is the master and keeps that mentality of being a master, then that attitude creates lots of conflicts not just internally but also externally. So if one simply decides to become a servant then he is released from the burden of trying to be an enjoyer in this world because to be an enjoyer in this world we have to carry a great burden and that burden is very heavy which only causes agony.

Servant mode means to do the needful for Krishna, even if it meant to fight a war. Arjuna was humble and he is fighting a war as a servant of Krishna so basically humility is bravery, being a servant is a brave thing and not a timid thing, it is not that you become a servant only because you’re weak. It requires lot of courage to be a servant. And a great example for service mode is Hanuman who served Lord Ram as he was the greatest devotee of Lord Ram. A very detailed session is discussed in this lecture on how Hanuman served Lord Ram and how Hanuman almost destroyed the city of Gold Lanka on his first visit in search of mother Sita.

Now one can practice service mode in Kalyuga by trying to be the servant of Krishna’s devotees. Therefore, we approach Krishna by serving Krishna’s devotees and that is the way we practice mode of service and that is how we please the lord.

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