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Death- a springboard for freedom – Part 1

“Preparing for death is one of the most empowering things you can do. Thinking about death clarifies your life.” – Candy Chang (Chinese actress )

Mr. Abdul Rehman refused to vacate the flat. Everyone in the government colony-where I grew up as a child- knew he was occupying the house illegally. After serving for forty years in the company, he retired as a senior Director in February. Yet he and his family stayed in the same house even a year later.

The rule in these residential colonies: an officer vacates the house when he either retires from service or is transferred to another state. He is allowed to keep possession of the house and use facilities of the colony for a maximum of three months, post retirement.

It’s expected that he’ll make alternative arrangements before retirement, and as soon as his tenure ends, he gracefully shifts to his own house. But Mr. Abdul was different; he was brazenly audacious to hold on to something that didn’t belong to him. He reasoned to the government officers that he’s trying hard to get another house, and would vacate this shelter soon; he merely capitalized on bureaucratic confusions.

The grapevine was abuzz about his political connections. Being a senior government officer, he ought to have some decency. No one in the colony lived as shamelessly as Mr. Rehman; he was the butt of ridicule.

Three years later, with political equations changing in the country, he was disgracefully thrown out of the colony.

Is our plight different?

We too ‘retire’ one day; death brings an end to all that we have done in our lives. We can’t protest, “I stayed in this ‘house’- the body-for the last seventy years, and I refuse to leave now.” If we are part of this world, there’s a rule we all need to follow-we vacate our bodies when it’s time to.

Therefore it’s smarter to plan early; use death as a springboard for more freedom, and a better life.

To be continued….

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