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Destroying the Ravana Within

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on Destroying the Ravana Within – Vraja Bihari Das.

We discussed the contrast of Ram’s Army and Ravana’s Army. We also discussed how Hanuman exemplifies the quality of humility and he has the tremendous combination of humility and courage. Hanuman was doing both, exemplary courageous act and also presented himself as an ordinary to Mother Sita so that she gets hope that Ram will soon come and rescue her. Hanuman later gives hope to Ram also by telling him that just a few of them can destroy the whole army.

So we have now reached on the very interesting section of Ramayan where Vibhishan and his four minister friends have left Ravana’s shelter and they have now reached on the side of the Indian Ocean where Ram is present and he is planning to cross the ocean. Vibhishan and the four ministers came flying and all the Vanar Army saw Vibhishan and his four minister friends, Sugriva and his army went running to Lord Ram and they told him that they should kill him immediately. Lord Ram sat in a thoughtful mood and looked at his friends and asked everyone about their opinion for which Sugriva was the first one to speak as he the King of Vanaras said that of five of them should be killed immediately as they are Ravana’s men. Second friend to give opinion was Angada, son of Vali said that my Dear Lord, we should suspect them as we cannot trust our enemy so let us analyze and see if it is beneficial for us to keep them or not. Like this Ram took opinion from all of them present and finally he turned towards Hanuman for his opinion. As Hanuman begged to differ from all of them because here is the person who is honestly confessing and he is surrendering to Ram and now if they interrogate Vibhishan, he is going to feel very hurt and we will loose a very nice friend.

Hearing that Lord Ram became extremely pleased with his analysis. Ram said that he was not asking everyone if Vibhishan was qualified to join but if Ram is qualified enough to give him shelter because Vibhishan is a great devotee. But Sugriva was concerned about Ram’s safety as Vibhishan might attack the Lord in the absence of their alertness. But Lord Ram made Sugriva understand and tells Sugriva that not to be so afraid of Vibhishan and if Ravana comes to take shelter then Ram will give shelter to him as well. Looking at his confidence, all the Vanar Sena got shocked including Sugriva. After which Vibhishan got Lord Ram’s shelter. After they settled down, Lord Ram asked Vibhishan To tell him the strength of Ravana. For which Vibhishan said that his brother has got many qualities from Bhrama and he is almost invincible and his younger brother Kumbha Karan is extremely strong like Indra. Vibhishan continued saying Ravana’s most trust commander in-chief, Prahasta who has defeated Kubera and Kubera’s commander in-chief. Another most powerful warrior is Indrajeet, he most cunning and deceitful as he has the power of becoming invisible and he shoots Bhramaastra very often.

Ram then tells Vibhishan that he will destroy all of them and make Vibhishan that King of Lanka. Meanwhile at Lanka, Ravana held a meeting and there was Ravana’s expert team in spying and had lot of knowledge and they were asked by Ravana about Ram and Ram’s Army. Shardula said that “My dear Lord there is a second ocean and that ocean is called Ram and Laxman because they are very powerful. There are millions and millions of monkeys and bears standing on the other side of the ocean and they want to cross the ocean and come to Lanka.” Then came Saran, one of the most powerful spy of Ravana. He gave complete detailed information to Ravana about Ram’s Army. Now Ravana was completely angry and furious because the information which he got was not something to be happy upon.

Then a day came of the battle which went on and on and as we all know that Ram and Ravana came face to face and at the end part of the battle Shri Ram kept shooting arrows and beheading Ravana and his head would fall of but again it would come back. 100 times Ravana’s head was beheaded and 100 times his head came back and finally Vibhishan told Ram that the nectar of life is in the heart. And then Ram shoots the arrow and destroys Ravana’s heart and destroying his chest and that is how Ravana was killed.

This is very important lesson that all our Anartha of lust, anger and greed cannot be tamed by intellectual analysis because many times for us the spiritual and reality is neck above process but no spiritual life is in the heart. So we have to take shelter of the Holy name and beg the Lord to remove this lust, anger and greed.

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