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Don’t break yourself, take a break!

 “If I have six hours to chop down a tree, I’ll spend the first five sharpening the ax.”

–    Abraham Lincoln

Why do I have to be busy every day of my life? I could take a day off once a week, and it’s perfectly all right to do so.

Six days I could ‘do,’ and once a week I could just ‘be.’ The day of ‘being’ is a holiday, when no obligations bind me; I am free to do whatever inspires me. I am independent, and I seek only connection and inspiration. Rest of the week I could serve and contribute. If I don’t take a day off to recharge my batteries, I could soon find it difficult to handle my work pressures. And a break down is inevitable!

Every machine needs oiling and rest. Humans are no exception. Those who deny themselves a well-deserved rest land up being forced by Mother Nature to stop their work, often in painful ways. Some fall terribly sick; others get stressed or worse find their minds jammed and uninspired to continue. It’s not surprising to see an overactive person suddenly turn inactive for good. It could be an abrupt end to a distinguished service.

Therefore it’s better to be ‘slow and steady’ than rush at a break-neck speed.

The price of not taking a break is our fatigue affects our decision negatively. It has been seen that many senior corporate leaders make right choices during the day, but by night time are so exhausted by their work- decision fatigue, that they make terrible decisions about their own personal lives. They land up with unholy dalliances or excessive drinking or actions that betray their own deeply held values and principles.

One way out of these wrong decisions is stop, and relax! Take no decisions one day in life; just connect to yourself, write journals, hear soothing music, exercise, spend time with nature, read mind-expanding literature and wisdom books. Do things that help you come closer to your true self, not take you further away from who you indeed are.

After all, we don’t want to be a shooting star in the sky, but a pole star that’s here to stay.

Remember we are Human being, not Human doing!

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