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Don’t search, but choose your Truth – Part 4

The lesson I learned from Aki (and followed in Deepak’s case study) : whenever confused, ask – What’s the principle in play here? Remember the principles don’t change – but we do. If we chose to connect to a principle through appropriate action, we’d discover a level of existence and fulfillment beyond our daily humdrum.

Then you’ll likely discover that the truths of this world won’t matter. You now live with your choice of principles – a reality beyond the relative facts of this world.

The choice of principles by an Emperor

Parikshit Maharaj ruled the planet five thousand years ago. At the peak of his youth and prowess, he was wrongly cursed by a young boy- powerful but immature, to die within seven days. The emperor had the power to counteract the spell and punish the impudent boy. Still, he chose to accept graciously, another truth – the reality of inevitable death. Instead of justifying his actions that led to the curse or lament about the injustice meted out to him, the king prepared himself, with gratitude, to relinquish his kingdom.

Immediately, as the news of the king’s imminent death and his decision to renounce spread across all the planets, he attracted widespread attention. The Srimad Bhagavatam describes that the great Rishis-sages, realizing this was no ordinary step, flocked to the king. They sought his blessings. And the who’s who of the time was there- some of them were spiritual teachers even for the king’s legendary grandparents, the Pandavas.

The king could have prided himself on his exalted position. Generally, when a man is at the peak of his power, people respect him. And as soon as he loses his seat, people care less. But in Parikshit Maharaj’s case, after he lost his glory, he became even more famous, and this only proved his exalted spiritual standing. However, the king downplayed the sages’ response to his decision.

To be continued…

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