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Enjoy the movie of Life

“Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.”

– Arthur Koestler (Hungarian-British author)

We enter a movie theatre to escape from the worries of this world. But even the most riveting movie that brings tears and laughter is simply a flash of colourful images on a screen. Thus we escape from reality to the world of illusion. And before the movie begins, the lights are put off; to enjoy the movie you need darkness!

This is a symbolic representation of our lives. This world too is a movie show where temporary bodies flash on the screen of time. Just as the screen is a reality in the movie theatre, Time in this world is real, but all events, people and experiences are fleeting. To enjoy this world we need darkness- we need to be ignorant of our real identity as a pure spirit soul. The moment we realize our existence as beyond our bodily designations, the light is on, and we can no longer enjoy the movie. In fact we’d enjoy the real world beyond our cheap third rate movies; we’d experience the inner bliss of our soul awakened through self-realization.

In fact if we are present, and connect to the soul, we’d likely find a dog’s antics on the street more entertaining than flash of images on the movie screen. However many of us would prefer an ignorant existence in darkness to a real observation-without-judgement of this world. When we observe, and live in the moment, we touch the most entertaining and fulfilling aspect of our lives.

When the lights are on in the middle of a movie, people are disappointed. They scream, whistle and demand the lights are put off so that they can enjoy the movie again. Likewise many get upset when they realize the ‘light’ is on; spiritual knowledge awakens some and disturbs others. The wise words of Canadian Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow ring so true, “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”

PS: Please read the quote by Koestler at the top of the article again; a little known fact about him is for five decades he wrote novels, essays, and championed many causes, yet one day in 1983, he and wife committed suicide at their home in London!

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