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Am I the Enjoyer?

Following is an excerpt from Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 18 – Verse no 14 – 18 by Vraja Bihari Das.

In this part of chapter Krishna summarizes how activities are performed. There are five causes of action which are – The Place of Action, The Body, the Soul, The senses of Karma and finally Krishna. So the inherent sense of right or wrong are caused by these five factors. And the chapter also makes it clear that Krishna cannot be wrong. For example in your exam question paper, you have six options out of which one is right and rest five options are wrong and you have to choose the right one, similarly here Krishna is also giving you options and you have to choose the right one. So it’s all the matter of your choice, your whole life is based on choices that you make and not on random chances. You cannot blame God for giving you wrong options because if God doesn’t give you options then you won’t pass your exams and you will lose your intelligence.

Krishna says that one who does not realize that there are many factors for your action is a fool. And then what happens is that when we realize all said above factors, our false ego fades out. People who have belief that they are the best and they can do anything, this thought process arise because of their false ego. It’s not that you are great because of your actions and activities you become great which also includes your talents. However it takes something more than just talent to become great. It’s your attitude.

The three factors that motivate ‘Action’ are Knowledge, the object of knowledge and knower. Whereas the three constitutes of ‘Actions’ are the senses, the work and the doers. Krishna says that you are not the only doer, there are many factors responsible towards your achievement. So don’t be proud of your achievement. Just be humble that is what Krishna is instructing us to do. Krishna says hat a foolish person thinks he is the ruler at some places and at other places he says that the material energy is doing everything, so these people often get confused that who is actually ruling? Is it me or the energy or God? Krishna answers all three are doer simultaneously. We live in a world where we understand the 3-dimension maximum what we can be understand is 4th dimension but universal has 25 dimensions which we cannot perceive right now because of our limited senses and the reason why we fail to understand certain aspects of it such as when Krishna says that all 3 are doers. So all three are doers but one should not be proud of as the material energy is doing everything but even God is behind doing everything. There are three doers of action. So you desire, material energy facilitates and Krishna sanctions.

There are various factors inside our system few of which are false ego, Mind and Intelligence. The false ego is the basic theme that is imprinted inside us which says ‘I’m the enjoyer’

Therefore false ego is the founder of ‘I’m the enjoyer’ and mind is the bodyguard of false ego and has only one function that is ‘accepting and rejecting’ which means our mind will accept whatever it likes and rejects whatever it doesn’t like. The point is to understand the function of our mind. Now Intelligence makes plans and arrangements, makes proposals on how to achieve what we want, so when mind accepts what it wants, the intelligence starts working on how to get it.

So give simple task to your mind by listening to Hare Krishna and when that happens our mind stops defining between accepting and rejecting. The intelligence has five senses – eyes, nose, ears, mouth and touch which perform the action which reports to the intelligence and reports back to mind on accepting and rejecting and this is all happening because false ego says to mind ‘I’m the enjoyer’.

So the idea is that we have to support each other because we are all going to struggle and we have to encourage each other to take shelter of Krishna and to call Krishna for help.

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