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Festival Classes – The Importance of Kartik Month

Following is an excerpt from an Audio Class on The Importance of Kartik Month

Kartik is a month which is also called as Damodar month because in the month of Kartik, Krishna performed many sweet past times in Vrindavan and these past times are glorified by the devotees of Krishna. Many devotees take Yatra to Vrindavan during this period. Devotees go with their families and friends and also they go in large number. So this Yatra is very important and taking devotees and family members to this Yatra, gives spiritual benefits. There are many pastimes which happened in this month and one pastime which happened on the day of Diwali is the when Krishna was stilling butter and Mother Yashoda bond him with the rope of love so that he does not do more mischief. This past time is so special that everyday in every ISKCON temple, morning and evening they sing this bhajan and glorifying this past time of Krishna. You can imagine the same past time glorified throughout the month, Krishna being bound by his mother so this is a very special past time. This is also the month where Krishna performed the most special past time of lifting a huge Govardhan mountain. The Giriraj Govardhan is a huge mountain as you will have to walk 21 kms to complete a Parikrama (circumambulation). And the young 7 years old boy Krishna lifted this mountain to crush the pride of Indra and also give immense joy to the people living there. This is the month where Krishna performed the most special Raslila on Dasharat purnima in the night of full moon so this is a very special past time of Krishna.

Krishna played his flute at night and attracted all the gopis to leave their home and everything and come running to Krishna at forest in the middle of the night. When Krishna plays his flute, it is so enchanting that the gopis were mesmerized. The gopis were captivated, they left everything and went running to see Krishna in the middle of the night. That is why gopis are considered as the greatest sanyasis because they didn’t care about their social obligations and they didn’t care for their reputation. Because in Vedic culture, women are not expected to run to the forest in the middle of the night to see a boy. If you see some of the gopis were cooking some were taking care of their children and some were doing different activities and suddenly when they heard the Krishna’s flute sound, they left everything and started running towards the forest only to give pleasure to Krishna. Some of them were so oblivious with the external surrounding ans when they came to see Krishna in the middle of the night. Krishna looked at them, welcomed them and told them that they look so glorious, now that you have seen forest you may go back home. Gopis were devastated after hearing this because they came to give pleasure to Krishna to dance with Krishna but when heard Krishn telling them to go back, they were completely shocked. All the gopis started crying and they started drawing line with their toes on the ground. They were if that we left everything for Krishna and now he is tell us to go back.

Actually Krishna was testing them and then Krishna glorified all the gopis now before we go any further we need to know that Krishna was a 7 years old boy so the love of a 7 years old boy is considered much more pure than a love of a 22 years old man. As the child’s love is called as innocent and pure and Krishna being the supreme personality of God head is love and the gopis love for Krishna is pure and it is free from any tench of lust. In this world any love as a element of lust in it and because we’re in this world we see all love affairs having the element of lust. When we read about Krishna and the gopis we immediately superimpose our material conception of love which is lust on Krishna and gopis and that is our problem. So we cannot imagine some love being pure especially free from love and that is not Krishna’s problem, that is our problem and therefore we’re not qualified to understand. At the same time to purify our hearts, we need to discuss this sometimes so that we’ll feel free from the rows of cupid.

So they are playing with Krishna, they are loving Krishna and we should understand that Krishna is same as Lord Vishnu only. So they are having affair with the supreme personality and not any ordinary person. Therefore if you hear about Krishna and his past times especially his loving dealing with the devotees who love him then our lust will go away. Generally if you read about the loving affairs of a film star, about their scandals and lusty affairs then does your heart become free from any desire of lust? No! the lust increases. But when you read about Krishna and gopis from bonafied sources then that desire of lust deceases and gets evaporated


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