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Free writing- a magic therapy – Part 1

“There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write.”

–         W.M.  Thackeray (19th century British novelist and author)

What are the fees of the world’s best emotional healer? You guessed it- Free!

Not really! The price is your time and honesty.

A quicksand is both deathly and quiet- it sucks you in without your realizing it. A negative thought is no different. Worse, the emotional roller coaster that follows negative self-talk is sometimes like a landmine- it explodes and destroys our sanity! Journal writing promises to end the mind’s tyranny.

Just pick up a paper and pen and write.

Write what?

Anything, but don’t stop for half hour. As you write, move from your head to your heart and let your emotions flow through your pen. Don’t hold back.

Don’t worry about the grammar and the punctuation marks. No one’s going to give you grades for your journal entry. It’s your outpouring on the pages; it’s your time with the Lord of your heart, with your love and companion.

Free writing essentially means ‘just write.’ Don’t stop the pen even if you go blank. You could write: ‘I am unexcited; I don’t know what to write. I don’t feel like writing, but I have promised to write for the next half hour…..’

Keep going and let the muddle clear out. Writing helps us enter a space beyond the mind and experience magic at three levels.

Magic 1

For those confused about how it works, here is a case study that explains the therapeutic benefits of ‘Freewriting.’

Sruti was born and raised in a traditional Gujarati family from Rajkot. She studied Law and worked for a small firm in Virpur. When she was twenty-five, her dutiful parents married her to a pious Lohana caste businessman settled in Canada. The sudden change in her life- both marriage and residence, unsettled Sruti. Although her husband was supportive and sensitive to her needs, she remembered her parents, friends, and the city she grew up. Slowly, loneliness crept into her heart and threatened to suck the joy out of her life.

To be continued…

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