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Free writing- a magic therapy – Part 2

That’s when she discovered a friend called ‘Freewriting.’

She woke up half an hour earlier each morning and grabbed her pen and paper. To set the momentum, she spent her first two-three minutes writing a thank you to different people, events, or God for any experience of the previous day. Inadvertently she entered a gratitude space- a perfect antidote for the insidious isolation that threatened her existence. Slowly, it became addictive- she couldn’t begin her day without thanking five events/people. If on certain occasions she woke late and had urgent household chores to attend to, she’d get restless. Only when she offered sincere gratitude for the preceding day, she was ready to face the immediate challenges of the approaching day. When an engine pulls up, the twelve other coaches of the train follow suit. Likewise, Sruti realized if she lets the driver of gratitude pull her mind in the wee hours, then the other activities for the day-like the coaches- follow through in grace and blessing.

Magic 2

Then she’d write whatever she wanted to- no rules or obligations. On one occasion, she wrote how her life changed dramatically after marriage. Since she had already entered a space of thankfulness, her mind instantly pulled her to answer the question: ‘What good has happened in my life after coming to Canada?’

Did you notice- the first magic led her to see the positive even in a painful situation. And that is the second magic.

Sruti answered the question as follows: ‘There is much less noise here in Canada, hardly any pollution, and I have learned so many new dishes, thanks to my guinea pig hubby. Poor fellow, he humbly allows me to experiment all my crazy cuisine ideas. I miss my mom and have now realized the value of family and the love of my parents……’

She cried during this journal entry. But she realized these weren’t tears of loneliness; instead, the exercise on this day filled her heart with appreciation for the bountiful gifts life offered her at every stage of her life.

To be continued…

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