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Free writing- a magic therapy – Part 3

On some occasions, she wrote with feeling, on other days it was mechanical. But she kept it going like a tonic pill you take daily for good health.

One day she discovered third magic.

Magic 3

While writing, suddenly a gush of emotions entered her heart in appreciation for her husband, who lay next to her snoring. Remember she wakes up earlier- to spend time with a paramour- her secret friend, the journal. Half an hour later, she read what she wrote and strongly felt there was something deeper here. She decided to revisit these pages later during the day. During the afternoon she reread her journal entry and put all her emotional outpouring of the morning in a poem form. She then presented the poem to her bemused husband, who soon got emotional by her genuine appreciation. Their relationship blossomed.

On another day it rained the whole afternoon, and she saw a blue Canada jay perched on a sugar maple tree across her window. An inspiration gushed through her heart, and she wrote a poem again. Then, a few weeks later while she and her hubby spent a holiday in the forests, she was inspired to write a poem on the wilds- she contrasted natural forests with the concrete jungle she grew up in Gujarat. She compared the bird hoots with the rickshaw honks, the fresh air of the woods with the pollution of cities. The poem surprised her the most- she could scarcely believe she had so much talent. Her husband encouraged her to publish her poems. Soon she became a blogger and got active on Quora and Medium.com. Three years later she was counseling hundreds of young men and girls.

She looked back and wondered about the magic that invaded her life. She confessed she never knew before marriage that she was a poet, much less a  life coach- a self-help guide! She’s amazed at her self-discovery.

This is the most exciting magic of Freewriting.

You may be a talented painter, and if you aren’t aware of it, journal writing will reveal to you, your dormant gifts.

To be continued…

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