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Free writing- a magic therapy – Part 5

The more I tried, the more elusive the score appeared. I even scored forty-five once- my lowest score, and ironically that was after what I thought, my creative effort to write a good article.

On this day, however, I did something different- I wrote an article from the heart, for over two hours, and didn’t hold back anything.

After the necessary editing and before the customary check to see if the article is suitable for publication, I got an impulse to find out what Grammarly thinks of it. One part of me said, “Wait till you edit it more” while another voice said, “Just find out how low your scores could be with an unprofessional article.” I was stunned to discover a score of seventy-five. I repeated the experiment the next day- I let go my inhibitions and wrote from my heart, not the head. Again I scored more than seventy. I soon realized that even a mechanical app figures out what’s good writing of the heart, and what’s not. This was a sacred lesson in authenticity.

Since then I write, especially my journals, with no rules or restrictions. I write what I want, and in any way that inspires me on that day.

Writing has since then touched a new benchmark for me- it’s decent if it carries my voice. I also find it easier to write now, and it’s even more fulfilling.

‘Let go live free’ is my new mantra- especially for Journal writing. The freedom and connection you experience are factual, the joy spiritual, and growth, only upward.

It’s more than magic- it’s for real, and as Sruti discovered, there is more to our lives than our minds. You’ll evolve to meet your real self over a journal entry- and that’s more than a therapeutic experience!

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