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Freedom from three invisible ropes-Part 11

Where are we headed to?

Over the last few decades human society has progressively degenerated into a life predominant in the lower modes; most people live in the mode of passion and ignorance throughout their lives.

My music loving friend Uday recently jested, “In the 1960’s the movies showed women lure men through their coy glances, and gentle feminine gestures. A romantic exchange of a hero and a heroine would be indicated by birds mating or a couple running around the trees.  In the 1980’s and 90’s the trend changed; the ‘brave and bold’ heroine would gyrate wildly to passionate songs, inciting lust and aggression in her man. And now, in post 2010 period, sensuality is a norm in the movies; there’s nothing left for the audience to imagine anymore. All that you could fantasize and more is all on the screen.  Certainly the lower modes have taken over the society”

We aren’t bound by a single mode. The modes’ effect on us is like the binding of a thickly stranded rope.  Generally when you twist a fibre in a threefold process, it makes a rope. First it’s twisted in three small strands, then the three of them are twisted together, and then again those three are bound together. This way the rope becomes strong. Likewise the three modes are mixed after which they produce a by-product. The modes are mixed again and again, and thus they are ‘twisted together’ innumerable times.

It’s sattva that helps us realize the bindings of our mental world. Mode of Goodness is a platform to not only ensure a peaceful and aware mind in the present, it also helps us to make a better future. Sattva in the now helps us eliminate our past hangovers. Today we can rewrite our future physical and mental wellbeing. As Joyce Meyer, the charismatic American Christian author and preacher said, “I learned that what happened to me did not have to define who I was. My past could not control my future unless I allowed it to.”Let’s choose Sattva now and usher in peace. We deserve to be happy. 

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