From Jokes to Prayers

Flash back to early 20th century – When the Titanic – the ship that even ‘God could not sink’ hit the iceberg, passengers, still in a jovial mood, threw the ice cubes at each other and made merry.
Infact the crew carried less life boats in the first place because they felt they will never need it.
When the reality hit them, the few – led by the Captain, knew the gravity of the situation and they did their best to educate the people on board, help them and also avoid panic.
Fast forward to present day: March 2020
I have been forwarding funny memes and jokes on the Pandemic bcoz didn’t quite realize the gravity.
Now three of the people I knew in London closely, are critical. Four other dear friends are battling it out and struggling to keep their lungs healthy.
Back and forth we text and I cheer them and assure things will be all right.
But how do I know it will be all right?
Right now I can’t see a silver lining.
And as I assure them, I can see sadness fill my own heart. One of my friends asked me how to cope with death? My answer would at best be theoretical as I still joke around, not realizing what’s coming up. How superficial I am in counselling. Another friend asked me it’s difficult to keep faith in God as he sees his friends dying despite his frantic prayers. And he too is struggling. How can I now console him?
I now find the jokes and memes so disturbing and distasteful.
At least I can no longer throw the ‘ice nice cubes’ merrily. The friends i dined with and joked are grappling for their dear life.
Is the ship sinking and am I in denial?
We have a real war on hands.
Only extra prayer and obeying what our leaders say will help us now.
All the best.

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