Happiness by connecting God

Happiness-by-connecting-to-GodRichard (now Radhanath Swami) found Mahavirdas Tat Walla Baba impressive; he was about six feet tall and his physique was powerful. He wore only a rope around his waist and a loin cloth covering his groin. At Tat Walla Baba’s company Richard learnt that the cause of all suffering is when we forget our identity with God. That is called Maya, or illusion. Tat Walla Baba also revealed to Richard that if we call to God with sincerity He will reveal Himself to us. God sees within the heart and not externals, said Tat Walla Baba. He also had the power to read people’s minds, see into future, and heal the sick. Tat Walla Baba invited Richard to join him and spend the rest of his life in their caves. Richard felt honoured but humbly declined the offer because he felt if he dedicates himself to following a guru, he should never disgrace him by changing his mind later in life. Since in Richard’s heart there was a pulling to meet many saintly people, he felt he couldn’t yet take this most crucial decision of his life of choosing a guru.

Radhanath Swami echoes the same message as Tat Walla Baba; there is suffering in this world because we have forgotten our relationship with God. Our situation is like that of a young, rebellious and lost child who has abandoned his billionaire parents and lives in the ghettos, and languishes in poverty. Just like a father would be concerned that his child returns home to him, God also eagerly awaits our exercising our free will to return to him. A charitably disposed person may come and give the lost child food, clothes, television; this is compared the scientific advancement and sense gratification Another man may come and pep the child with inspirational talk and encourage him to be positive. This is akin to the mental speculation and ‘positive’ attitude theories that address the pain of sadness only superficially. Another man may encourage the child to perform some ritual puja or go to a tantric baba for happiness. This is compared to another type of superficial solution, namely rituals and religion performed superficially. None of the three well-intentioned benefactors have done complete justice to the lost child. A fourth person appears on the scene and takes the child to his billionaire parents. Such a person provides food, clothes and shelter to the child on the way home; he also encourages him with sweet words. Similarly the  solutions offered by the society for a person seeking happiness, is temporary; a person remains dissatisfied even after the help offered by these agents just like a child will be miserable even after a  bath, for he isn’t in the shelter of his loving parents as yet.

Radhanath Swami is a wonderful guide and teacher of spiritual life. A teacher of God consciousness encourages all to seek happiness through connection to God. just like a child is excited and happy on his way to his father, similarly a human being is spiritually surcharged and  blissful as he is endeavouring to go back home to his eternal parent- God- even as he continues to render his duties in this world. Our existence in this world then becomes a springboard for an eternal life in the spiritual world.

Richard is now learning the science of God consciousness more deeply and seeks to meet more sages and holy men.

Source: http://www.radhanath-swami.net/happiness-by-connecting-to-god/happiness-by-connecting-to-god

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