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Happiness – in pleasure or perseverance? – Part 2

And the result of connecting to my purpose is I got this piece on print. After all, every tree was once upon a time only a seed and every billion dollar company, an idea; my boredom gave birth to this essay!

But if I were to wait for an inspiration to descend on my heart before I picked my pen, I’d ride the car of my mind endlessly. Remember the Bhagavad Gita says the mind is the best of friends and also the worst of the enemies. Don’t trust the mind. Instead, engage it productively in acts that would bring it fulfillment over some time.

A life beyond feelings

If thrills and sensual stimulation is all that you are looking for, narcotics or few pegs of whiskey could help – but of course at a price! However, if you seek deep satisfaction, then get ready to live beyond your mind.

A mother loves her child, but she doesn’t feel ecstasy all the time with her baby. It’s difficult to care for your son or daughter, and there is a pain; these ordeals purify you. Likewise, when a spiritual practitioner chants God’s Holy Names, she may not always exult in joy. But the activities of chanting God’s names, hearing classes, and service, clean our consciousness. Over some time, a more profound experience is palpable. If you are tired doing what’s really important for you, remember a technique that Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of America gave, “Whenever you do a thing, act as if the entire world were watching.”

A regular exercise and healthy diet give benefits over time, whereas titillation of senses gives instant pleasure but may not necessarily add value to our lives. And when you choose to dedicate to your calling, you are declaring to the universe that you want to be personally challenged. While you face them, you’d sometimes slip and struggle, but if you could stride ahead with determination, you’d find your life rewarding.

Therefore let’s march on quietly to our goals and thank for the happy experiences and tolerate with gratitude the not so cheerful moods.

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