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How immaturity harms your Bhakti

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on How immaturity harms your Bhakti – Vraj Bihari Das

Krishna had appeared in Gokul Mahavan and killed many asuras. And the asuras he killed represents the unwanted thoughts in our hearts. Here we are going to see the killing of Demon Vatsasura and the unwanted things Vatsasura represents.

When the Brajwasi village come under frequent attacks by demons, they decided to move to new place called Vrindavan which is near to river Yamuna and Govardan mountain. After they reached there, Krishna and Balaram went to forest with their cows. At that time, Vatsasura took a shape of calf and mixed with the calves. But Krishna identified him and killed him.

Here Vatsasura in his calf nature represents the Anartha of childish behaviour and immaturity. These things are great impediments in spiritual life. “Kanishtha Adhikari” is the lowest level of maturity which has attitude issues and superiority complex. At this level, devotees did not respect other devotees and become obsessed that they are superior. We should rise to “Madhyama Adhikari”, which is the middle level. At this stage, they respect other devotees because they see Krishna in other devotees’ hearts. Madhyama Adhikari can only preach as they only have compassion.

How can we know that where we are? How you think when you get a position tells that. Kanishtha Adhikari thinks that he is better than others. Madhyama Adhikari thinks that it is an opportunity to do more service. Another way to know is that what we think when we see faults in other persons. Kanishta will think that it is his job to correct the faults of others. But Madhyama Adhikari will understand that faults can be rectified only by the Krishna in the heart of others. So he will ensure that faulters are moved closer to Krishna. Collectively as a community also, we have to raise ourselves to Madhyama Adhikari. We can rise only by hearing and chanting Krishna’s holy names.
Bhaktivinoda Thakur also says that because of Kanishtha Adhikari mentality, one can also develop greed. Vatsasura also represents greed. Many had lost many things due to greed. Gandhi said “there is all for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed”. If you analyse, greed is simply a reflection of vacuum in heart. People try to fill this vacuum by many things – food, money, position etc. But they are not happy. We need to fill our hearts with Krishna. And if we get Krishna, we will get real happiness and will be easily able to give up the materialistic activities.

Our source to fall in love with Krishna is Srimad Bhagavatam. Krishna had left to spiritual world and with him all true knowledge and religious principles also had left. But he left behind something for us, which is Srimad Bhagavatam. It can remove all the ignorance and suffering of our hearts.

Bhakti is like seed. And the five things that seed needs grow are watering, good soil, gardener has to pluck out all the weeds, a fence surrounding that seed, and sunlight. Likewise, for Bhakti seed to grow in our heart, we need to water it by chanting Krishna’s names. Chanting with association of devotees is like fertile soil. We have to be alert with scissors to weed out Anarthas same as gardener plucking out weeds. Then we have to protect our bhakti by making a fence by not offending vaishnavas. And the last sunlight is referred to Krishna’s causeless mercy which will get attracted if we do our first four responsibilities perfectly.

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