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How to make every new year as the best year for you?

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on New year Eve – Vraja Bihari Das.

For a devotee every new year is an occasion to rejoice and celebrate for different reasons then what the people outside would celebrate. Its an occasion to celebrate because we’re coming one year closer to internal life with Krishna. Also the most important reason why we celebrate is because of glorification of Krishna wherever there is glorification or wherever there is Kirtan in the festival and devotees simply need a reason to chant the holy name of Lord. Just like material nature people who will drink liquor at any occasion, Whether India wins or loses a cricket match, they will drink for sure. Similarly devotees, when they are sad or happy they chant Hare Krishna. The two most extreme emotions in material world is death and marriage so devotees will chant at a funeral and chant at a marriage of a devotee .

We’re feeling closer to Krishna by chanting his Holy name other wise new year’s eve doesn’t have anything auspicious. At everything sun rise and sunset this body is coming to an end. When we’re attached and blind to materialistic life, we become mad and in such time we do not recognize that there is an invisible force. The force which cannot be seem how it is moving and it is very strong and the force is called time ‘Kaal’. Time is that force which you cannot know how it is moving just like when our nails are growing but we cannot see how and cannot hear it growing. Similarly our life is going away, we’re coming closer and closer to death.

One should not be bewilder by the tricks of time because time is unforgiving, time is cruel and those who are not devotees, they are filled with fear. Krishna loves us more than we love Krishna, Krishna wants us to come back to him more than we want to go back to him. Therefore Krishna designs the life of a devotee in such a way that they can come back to him. The fact is that time ensures that everybody gets what they deserve. For devotees and non devotees its a little difference so for those who are non devotees, time will give them what they deserve but for a devotees of Krishna, time will give them what they need to get closer to Krishna.

Generally when you’re young we look at the watch and think why is time going so slow and when we grow up, we look at the watch and thing why is time running so fast?. So time is very powerful and lot of books have been written on this, lot of things have been spoken but in Shrimad Bhagvatam in every canto, some of the verses will reveal how time devours everything and everyone. So we are all in the vicious group of time and fortunately but Krishna’s causeless mercy, we have got this wonderful association of devotees.

It’s a fact, whether we like it or not but time will bring an end to everything we hold dear in this material world. Main challenge is to accept what we get in life, as you get older we lose control over the things we thought were us. And as you get older, all the things are taken away from you slowly.

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