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How to perform Bhakti – Vraj Bihari Das

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam 10 – Chapter 70 – Lord Krishna’s Daily Activities – Text no 28 on How to Perform Bhakti by Vraj Bihari Das

SB 10.70.28

svapnāyitaṁ nṛpa-sukhaṁ para-tantram īśa
śaśvad-bhayena mṛtakena dhuraṁ vahāmaḥ
hitvā tad ātmani sukhaṁ tvad-anīha-labhyaṁ
kliśyāmahe ’ti-kṛpaṇās tava māyayeha


O Lord, with this corpselike body, always full of fear, we bear the burden of the relative happiness of kings, which is just like a dream. Thus we have rejected the real happiness of the soul, which comes by rendering selfless service to You. Being so very wretched, we simply suffer in this life under the spell of Your illusory energy.


After expressing their doubts in the previous verse, the kings herein admit that actually they are suffering because of their own foolishness, having given up the eternal happiness of the soul in exchange for the temporary, conditional happiness of a so-called kingly position. Most people make a similar mistake, desiring wealth, power, prestige, aristocratic family and so on, in exchange for their own soul. The kings admit that they have fallen under the spell of the Lord’s illusory energy and have mistaken the tremendous anxiety of political leadership for happiness.

As a the background of this verse, Krishna, in this pastime, has received two proposals to act upon. One is from kings captured by Jarasantha and another one by Narada muni. 20,000 kings arrested by Jarasantha requested Krishna to rescue them and second Narada muni requests Krishna’s presence in Yudhirstra maharaja’s Rajasuya sacrifice.

The above verse explains how the kings were mislead by the temporary happiness like position, power etc. They accept that this was under the influence of Maya. They misunderstood the byproducts of Bhakti as goal of Bhakti. Bhakti is best and greatest but it should be from hard work. We cannot free our self from honesty, commitment and hard work. We must do our Krishna consciousness duties properly. That is the meaning of Sadhana Bhakti. Sadhana means Practice and it is aimed to get Sadhya. Sadhya means Goal which is Krishna’s mercy. Criteria of Sadhana are long time practice, uninterrupted practice and Consciousinvestment of energy and time. Sadhana Bhakti helps us to control our mind.

Our main problem is that we think I am the mind but we should be the controller of mind. We have so many goals in life such that we forget the ultimate goal of attaining Krishna. Prabhupada says that all disturbances are due to want of ultimate goal. If you are thinking of something else while chanting, then you are not present in chanting and will never get connected with Krishna. All your goals are important but not while chanting. Generally we are in the past or future. As you get older you live in the past and when you are young, you live in future. If you just try to be present, you will see major change in your consciousness.If you are present, then you will get connected to Krishna and experience the true and real happiness.

Gently and firmly pull your mind back to Chanting. Mind will always trick to go around. Do not cry over past and try to live in present. Accepting that our mind is doing offenses and trying to bring our mind back to chanting is called Namabhash chanting which is a great chanting. If you are present in the chanting, you will relish the same past time every time. Many devotees are so absorbed that they will spoke the same past time with same intensity every time. For pure devotees, an opportunity to explain Krishna it is an opportunity to be with Krishna.

There are two types of chanting. One is called Namaparadha chanting which is inattentive chanting. Another is Sudhanaam chanting which is pure chanting. There is something in between called Namabhash chanting which is almost pure chanting. We are normally in Namaparadha chanting that is we are doing offenses and doing nothing about them. Namabhash chanting is that there may be offenses but we are trying to avoid those offenses. Sudhanaam chanting is in Krishna’s hands, if he give us, we can enjoy. If we reach Namabhash chanting, Krishna will pick us up. To reach Namabhash chanting, you should consciously pull your mind to chanting and let go of all other things. Many things in our life are out of our control. So let go of all those things and relish in chanting the holy name.

This is very beautifully explained in this Video, please play this video and listen to this video.

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  1. Ramanish Thakur. says:

    Very insightful discrimination by you that how to control our mind and focus on chatting by pulling our mind ….thanks you

  2. Shraddha says:

    HK. PAMHO Prabhuji.
    Following are the points put forward by (Quote Unquote) senior ISKCON follower!
    And I’m posting it here to get it clarified from you, as you’re really an academic scholar in scriptures and I know you will give your honest reflections.
    Sincerely and humbly requesting your guidance regarding the following points:-

    (1) I heard in one of the lectures that whenever God comes to the material world even He has to follow the rules of the world. If this is true, how is Krishna having affairs with the Gopis of vrindavan be justified because it is illicit to have relations with other’s wives. Doesn’t this contradict the statement?

    (2) God is holy. And He always supports chastity and holiness. If Krishna is God, why did He push His devotees into a life of unholiness. Eg. The Pandavas married draupadi. The justification given for this act is that Kunti never spoke a lie hence draupadi had to marry the Pandavas. What is greater? One’s word or a woman’s chastity?

    (3) In various books such as Anand Vrindavan Campu, Krishnahnika Kaumudi, Bhavnasar sangraha, the Various affairs of Krishna are explained in a very explicit manner. If God is an emblem of holiness and chastity, how can He indulge in such acts?

    (4) Sanyasa is one of the four things which are forbidden in Kaliyuga. How come is ISKCON also giving Sanyasa initiation?

    (5) If Sanyasa is forbidden, why did Chaitanya mahaprabhu take Sanyasa Diksha? And if Sanyasa order is meant only for service of God, why did nityanand prabhu marry twice (Janhva Devi and her sister Vasudha) after marriage?

    (6) Nityanand caritamrita mentions that nityanand prabhu originally married Janhva Devi and demanded her sister Vasudha as a dowry on marriage. And virchandra was born of Vasudha. Janhva Devi had no issue. If Nityanand prabhu is God, how can God act in such a manner?

    (7) God is holy, pure. Whenever we think about Him, the first thought that comes to our mind is holiness. How come Krishna, Chaitanya mahaprabhu, Nityanand prabhu (who are said to be God and incarnation of God) show none of exemplary behaviour. Because being God doesn’t justify breaking rules.

    Begging your sincere guidance prabhuji…

    Hoping to hear from you soon…


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