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Human Being or Human Doing? – Part 2

If I am resolute to study medicine when I love engineering, I’d likely be frustrated. A determination is a limited resource; if I use all of it in doing what’s not the real ‘me,’ I invite stress and fatigue. On the other hand, if I situate myself in the ‘be’; if I know who I am- a poet- then my determination would accordingly nourish me in my romantic pursuits.

Many ‘do’ things hoping they would ‘be’ happy by their doing. However, if we are happy in our real state, in the state of ‘being’ (acceptance), then we’ll be directed to ‘do’ from a more profound state of awareness. That doing would nourish our very souls.

And there are others who prefer to live in the ‘have’ mode. ‘I don’t ‘have’ this, if only I ‘had’ this, I could ‘do’ that and then I would ‘be’ happy…’ They are directed by the ‘have’ syndrome. They lament, hanker and live in their regrets and wishes.

Be, Do and Have

The three states of existence are: Be, Do and Have.

If we learn to ‘be,’ all other things would blossom from this state.

Generally determination is a short-term currency; it fizzles out by the power of time. I am determined to run ten miles but my capacity is only two miles. I may run the first few meters with great enthusiasm but soon I’ll collapse because time will beat my determination.

The crow needed to accept that he was a crow. Then his determination would have accordingly direct to life-enhancing targets. Since he tried to be a swan, all of his conviction was merely a pathetic show of ‘do.’ He’d likely have lived a life of regret- ‘have.’ Instead, if the crow had chosen to ‘be’ a crow, he’d have been happier and inspired all other birds to ‘be’ what they are.Don’t let others cheat you, don’t let the propaganda get you. If you are a crow, be gracious to accept it, and offer the best of you to this world. The world needs beautiful crows as much as it needs swans. ‘Be’ yourself and accept God’s unique gifts to you with gratitude and grace. 

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