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Is philosophy better than being practical? – Part 2

Many intelligent teachers, therefore, seek to connect past literature to modern times; they help students move from the known to the unknown; from where they are to where the guide wants them to be. My mentors in monastery racked their brains to make classical books exciting. They took us from things familiar and near to us, to an unfamiliar territory, far from our comprehension. We traveled happily from what is, to what shall be!

There is a flip side to this, though, for a pupil who waits to be spoon fed by the instructor. He remains disconnected from his intuition, gut, and the intrinsic compass. The soul stays buried in the surfeit of pragmatic tips and ‘take away’ that the life-coach provides. The disciple doesn’t realize there is a guide within who helps him discover answers to perplexing problems of life.

Hence, an effective leader knows there’s more to life than merely providing hands-on, efficient solutions.

The teacher inside – beyond thoughts and intelligence

The Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, etc. help us access an internal guru. To understand what this preceptor is saying, we study or hear old texts with attention and reverence. We open our hearts to access wisdom from a different plateau.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we live in our skulls so much that we only want skills! We can’t think of a life beyond our struggles and needs. We continuously seek helpful tips to make our lives meaningful and better.

All wellness seminars and many Ted Talks meet this requirement. You-tube videos can teach you nearly anything- from how to learn to read and write to making love, and even how to overcome You-tube addiction! Ironically though, Modern humans are as miserable as the previous generation. With no shortage of information online on any subject matter, isn’t it surprising that people still aren’t happy?

That’s because not all things can be known intellectually. We need to access and experience phenomenon from a space beyond the cerebral regions.

Hence it’s essential to go beyond information to a world of spiritual transformation.

To be continued…

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