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Is the western culture freeing women or abusing them?

Andree Marie Dussault, a Canadian journalist in Delhi feels women are now really free. Times of India (2nd May’ 2010) carries her view that modern India and the Western society can be proud of the way the status of women has matured in the past fifty years. She feels women have now ‘evolved’ to choose either to marry or remain single or to have a relationship with other women or even have ten partners if that’s what feels right! She writes emphatically that while religionists may frown, it’s time to rejoice because women no longer need to seek anybody’s permission or blessings. She also reveals the ‘progressive’ nature of western society in increasing number of recomposed families-two partners and children from previous unions living under one roof. She scoffs at the culture where women are protected, considering this as a backward tradition, and not in line with the modern times.

Let us honestly ask ourselves by invoking the power of conscience that God has kindly bestowed upon us, if we really want an India where women can have ten partners. Do we want our mothers and sisters to be abused and made to feel proud of it? It’s a shame that destruction of culture is presented by the deranged media as a sign of modern progressive India.

Most products advertise a scantily clad woman, seductively posing with the item and imploring the customer to buy it. The subtle message is, “Women are meant to be abused and enjoyed and you buy this product, you may get a woman like this.” The advertisements are generally more popular than the product. Even a mineral water bottle carries the photo of a young, attractive and sensuous looking lady posing with a bottle, teasingly promising 300% more oxygen.

Is this women’s freedom? Or is it more reasonable to conclude that women are used as a cheap advertising tool, and are abused by the media by presenting their naked bodies to titillate the agitating minds of the masses. Is this glorification of womanhood or abuse? Can’t we see the clear message that a woman’s body is now being presented as an object of sexual gratification rather than reverence. And the worst part of this dangerous trend is gullible women are being brainwashed by the lusty men to believe this is freedom of expression for women.

After WorkoutWhat is a more preferable state- a society where women are looked upon as objects of enjoyment or revered as mothers? In the Vedic culture a woman other than one’s wife is to be respected and honored as a mother. The Vedic culture is not chauvinistic in emphasizing on the need to protect womanhood. Women are to be protected not because they are weak but because they are precious. They determine the future of the successive human generations. The values and culture ingrained in the child by a mother has a deep impact on the consciousness. When the call is made to protect the President of any country with special security, is it a sign of weakness of the President or does it indicate the honorable position of the President? Similarly when Vedic culture seeks to protect a woman, it’s in awe and reverence. If you have a precious diamond will you be careless about it or would you prefer to protect the precious jewel and establish its position as a special ornament for beautification of the body? Likewise women are to be protected because they decorate the social body and add grace and dignity.

Andree Dussault also feels women today no longer need blessings of anybody. The Vedic culture implores all to seek blessings of elders. It is common in Indian families to see children offer respects to parents and elders daily, seeking their blessings. Even elders seek blessings of their seniors and abundantly shower their protection and blessings on their juniors and dependents. Everyone in the Vedic India-men and women- are dependent on the grace and blessings of others and God. This dependency keeps humans humble and grateful for the good tidings.

By publishing articles such as these by Andree Dussault, Times of India is sending subtle messages to educated Indians to abandon their own culture. What amazes me is a reputed newspaper like the Times of India carries such juvenile opinions and arguments that smack of degraded thinking and perverted value systems. I guess to be an Indian is to salute the Western idea- a British hangover of the sahib mentality.

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