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Koran, your Guide to Heaven : Zakir Naik

As per Zakir Naik, there is only one life and permanent Heaven/Hell. Only those who believe in the Koran and Muhammad go to Heaven.

Let us evaluate this concept by posing some logical questions & see if it is plausible.

heavenandhell1.Many children die in the wombs. Now as per Islam would they go to Heaven or Hell? Most scholars of Islam say they go to Heaven because they never did anything wrong in their lives.

Now the question is “Did they even have an option to do anything wrong?”
Is Allah not being partial by passing one candidate even without starting his examination, and another one has to keep giving test after test continuously for 100 years!

2. If a person is born insane & his mental faculties have not developed beyond say, age of five. But he lives a long life. Will he go to Hell or Heaven?

This gives rise to the same questions as above & result in either Allah being unjust or concept of one life as test to enter Heaven/Hell being wrong.
3. If a person is not born as a Muslim. Now as per Islam, only those who believe in Quran and Muhammad can go to Heaven. So who will go where?

What is a person’s fault if he was born and brought up in a non-Muslim family and never got any reason to be convinced by Koran? Why has Allah planned his stay in Hell from advance?

Definitely the non Muslims are bound to go to Hell. Now the question arises that “Was Allah unjust by not giving everyone birth in family of a Muslim.
4. A person who is devout follower of Islam believes that children go to Heaven because that is what scholars teach him. So as a noble example of self-sacrifice, he starts killing children. His logic is that, even if I have to suffer in Hell forever, I should do my best to ensure that these innocent children get reservation for Paradise!Thus he is doing a selfless social service. Will he go to Heaven or Hell?

If he goes to Heaven, then Allah or God is setting a wrong example for people to follow.

If he goes to Hell, then selflessness is bad.

Further, since no one will actually know who will go where until doomsday(kayamat) comes, it means that there is already enough confusion to motivate many innocent selfless social workers to follow the path of infanticide and killing!
5. What about animals – reptiles, insects, mammals and other creatures? Will they go to Heaven or Hell? The earlier belief was that animals do not have souls. But now that it has been amply proved that at least the higher animals feel pain and pleasure like humans and are alive, the opinion is divided.

Some claim that they will also go to Heaven. Others say that Allah knows the best!

In case they go to Heaven, why did God or Allah bias against others and not gave them birth as cockroaches and goats? That way they too would have got straight passport to Heaven!

In case they go to Hell, what was their fault?

Also, will they live like cockroaches and goats, or will they get human body? Will their intelligence be enhanced? Or they remain equally dumb as in earth?
6. Heaven and Hell seem to be permanent. It will continue forever. Now if that be so, based on one single test, Allah put certain people directly in Heaven without testing them at all! Others he tested for so many years. Some he gave birth in homes of Apostates, some as children of Prophet himself. Is this just on part of Allah?

What would happen if people start fighting, cheating & doing adultery in Heaven? Will they be shifted to Hell? Or will they be permitted to do whatever they want and yet remain in Heaven?

If you’ve not been able to figure out, NEVER MIND. The twisted logic of Dr.Zakir Naik will never get to your sane mind.

And if you thought the Almighty God should have provided an easier way of figuring this out, please refer to Bhagavad Gita.

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