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Krishna steals everything, Even your Distress

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on how Krishna steals everything, Even your Distress – Vraja Bihari Das.

We are sharing the pastime of Krishna from the Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 10, Chapter 8, Verse 48.

Shrimad Bhagvatam is compared with the transcendental body of Lord Krishna, just like when we take darshan of Lord Krishna by first seeing his two lotus feet and then we go up and take darshan of thigh, naval then his lotus face. Similarly, Shrimad Bhagvatam, the first two cantos are compared with the two lotus feet of Lord Krishna and when you gradually come up, the 10th canto of Shrimad Bhagvatam is compared with the lotus face of Lord Krishna. The 10th canto is very much attractive because this describes the past times of Krishna performed in Vrindavan. And in Vrindavan, Krishna’s childhood past times are considered to be the sweetest. The goal of Shrimad Bhagvatam is to help us get connected to Krishna deeply through hearing these past times. So that our dormant love for Krishna is awaken in our hearts.

Krishna performs many childhoods past times and the most prominent in all of them is, Krishna stealing butter. Krishna would steal butter many times and give joy to residence of Vrindavan. Now Krishna, by his Yogamaya potency, he would completely be in a mood of a small child and he would not be in a position of Godhead. So as a small baby, he would be stealing butter and by his own Yogomaya he would forget that he is God. He would be stealing butter and would see his own reflection in the jeweled pillar in front of the butter pot. He would look at his own reflection and think that someone else has come and seeing him steal the butter and he would speak to the reflection in fear saying “oh you’ve seen me steal the butter, please keep quiet, don’t tell anyone and I will give you also some butter, please don’t tell Mother Yashoda also”.

All this while Mother Yashoda was watching Krishna and she becomes so happy to watch him steal butter and fear his own reflection that she immediately comes and hugs Krishna from behind and then she embraces him. As soon as Krishna sees Mother Yashoda, he becomes more fearful and said, “Mother Mother, I did not steal the butter…this boy did and I was just trying to catch him”. And Mother Yashoda would become happier and like that Krishna would a very perform sweet pastimes of stealing butter.

One day when Krishna again tried to steal the butter and as he put his hands in the butter pot, his Mother came and caught him red handed. Then Krishna would explain that he was not stealing the butter but he has so many ornaments and jewels on his hands which are very hot, so just to cool them down he had put his hands in this cool butter. Like this Krishna tried to cover the fact that he was actually stealing the butter. Mother Yashoda would again laugh and adore Krishna and said “okay come here, I will remove all the jewelry so that your hands won’t feel hot.

Many times the residence of Vrindavan, the Gopis would come to Mother Yashoda and complaint her about Krishna. They would be complaining about Krishna’s mischievous activities in such a way that all Gopis would laugh while complaining which is very different from the material world. So they would be laughing but also complaint in seriousness. That means they were deriving great transcendental joy in glorifying Krishna’s mischievous activities. The Gopis would tell Mother Yashoda what all mischievous things Krishna does all day and also tell Mother Yashoda to look after Krishna as he might steal bigger things when he grows up. One of the Gopi complaints that in the morning when she was about to milk the cow, Krishna would come and release all the calves and they would drink away all the milk. When we get angry on Krishna for doing so then Krishna just looks at us and smiles and we’re not able to do anything. So your son just smiles and we become completely captivated, not able to punish him also.

As the Gopis keep complaining, Krishna would look at her mom making an innocent face and justifies himself by saying “Mother, Mother please don’t believe them, I never go and steal, I simply go their house because I love them. I want to give them affection and just to receive their affection I go to their house and now they are complaining”. Looking at that Mother melts down because she was so much in “Vatsalya Preethi” and denies all the allegations made on Krishna by elder Gopis. And then all the Gopis would laugh because they knew that Mother Yashoda was pleasing Krishna and they would leave. So like this Krishna would perform his past times.

Krishna is the most famous thief in Vrindavan and he steals butter and also he steals all the distress of cowherd  boys and women of Vrindavan. He steals the sinful reaction that have accumulated in our hearts for millions of life’s time, he is the number one thief. This thief is also expert in stealing heart of Radharani. He also steals the fresh color from the rain cloud because he also has the same color or rather the rain cloud has the same color as Krishna. This thief is so powerful that anyone who takes his shelter he would make him a beggar and he removes everything the person has.

Therefore, devotees get connected to Krishna deeply through chanting the holy name and by studying of Shrimad Bhagvatam because Shrimad Bhagvatam can alone remove the distress of the suffering souls.

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