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Learn how Chaitanya Mahaprabhu dealt with seniors and other devotees

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on Learn how Chaitanya Mahaprabhu dealt with seniors and other devotees – Vraja Bihari Das.

In one of his Bhajan, Bhaktivinoda Thaker reavels the mode that one can have on the appearance day of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,

emona durmati, saṁsāra bhitore,
poḍiyā āchinu āmi
tava nija-jana, kono mahājane,
pāṭhāiyā dile tumi

By the association of my wicked mind, and my false ego, I have been cast in this material world, I have been suffering terribly, but My dear lord you are so merciful, you sent your intimate associate, you sent your beloved devotee to save me.

And how does he save me?

doyā kori’ more, patita dekhiyā,
kohilo āmāre giyā
ohe dīna-jana, śuno bhālo kathā,
ullasita ha’be hiyā

This pure devotee of Lord Chaitanya, he felt pity on me, he saw me I am very fallen, he very mercifully spoke to me, please hear ecstatic ‘katha’, and you will become very happy.

And what is these ‘Katha’?

tomāre tārite, śrī-kṛṣṇa-caitanya,
navadwīpe avatār
tomā heno koto, dīna hīna jane,
korilena bhava-pār

Oh dear lost soul, please hear about Lord Chaitanya appearance in Navadvipa as he would deliver you as he has safely conducted many miserable souls such as you across the sea of worldly existence.

So this pure devotee of the Lord, always glorifies Lord Chaitanya, and when we hear it, we also become fortunate. In the further lines of the song, Bhaktivinoda Thakur also says same Lord Chaitanya is son of Nanda Maharaj as he has come to give the holy name. Finally, Bhaktivinoda Thakur, concludes this song by saying,

se kathā śuniyā, āsiyāchi, nātha!
tomāra caraṇa-tale
bhakativinoda, kāṅdiyā kāṅdiyā,
āpana-kāhinī bole

Oh my dear lord, by hearing the narration of your pastimes by your dear devotee, I am coming to you and taking shelter of you, Bhaktivinoda crying and begging at your lotus feet, my dear lord, please me merciful.

So these are the activities of the Mahajan, the great devotees of the lord, who constantly glorified Lord Chaitanya pastimes and induce all devotees to take the shelter of the lord. So we are very fortunate that in the temple, we are in the association of so many wonderful devotees during every festival where we have so many hours of Katha and Kirtan and very enthusiastically we see devotees glorifying Lord Chaitanya.

Lord Krishna came in this world to instruct us to surrender. However when we hear the word “surrender” it appears challenging. And Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came and said how “surrender” can be a sweet word by his own example and his pastimes where he revealed that remembrance of Krishna can fill our heart with lot of happiness. Lord Chaitanya is the embodiment of kindness, humility, sweetness and by his dealing he preached very effectively and transformed the heart of so many people.

Here we share and talk about some beautiful pastimes of Lord Chaitanya. Lord Chaitanya has demonstration proper Vaishnava etiquette and kindness and respect toward everyone, including seniors even when some of them were offensive to him.

Ramchandra Puri, Godbrother of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, once came and fed him a lot of Prasad and after feeding him he chastised him being sense gratifier in terms of eating. And later sometime when Ramchandra Puri, saw ants at Lord Chaitanya hut, he blamed Lord Chaitanya, “There are so many ants, that mean you are eating sweet.” Lord Chaitanya resolved this by starting to eat boiled vegetables. This scenario made everyone upset with Ramchandra Puri and still Lord Chaitanya forbid them to take up issues with him by saying, “He is the Godbrother of my Spiritual Master, he is my well-wisher, So I will not eat anything else.”

Now while keeping respect, Lord Chaitanya was very expert in putting his point across as well at the same time. He showed this when another Godbrother of his spiritual master, Brahmananda Maharaj came to his place while wearing a deer skin. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu pretended that he cannot see him and the person wearing dear skin cannot be Brahmananda Maharaj. Brahmananda Maharaj realized that Lord Chaitanya is not happy with him and he realized his mistake that he wore the deer skin for prestige, decided to give it up.

Now in this material, we all the tendency to get into prestige or false ego and senior devotees don’t tell it to directly, they would put it to us in a subtle manner and hence Lord reveals in our heart that we are victim of false prestige.

Now Brahmananda Maharaj who was once a Mayavadi, got mercy of Lord Chaitanya and now he become so ecstatic that one day when he was a debate with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in front of all the devotees he start saying,

“Today, I can see two Absolute Brahman in Jagannath Puri… One Brahman is moving, One Brahman is non-moving. Moving Brahman is Lord Chaitanya, Non-moving is Lord Jagannath. One Brahman is Golden, One Brahman is black. And both these Absolute Brahman are delivering the world and they are not different and they are the same. They are One.”

Now Lord Chaitanya, didn’t like glorification and he usually when someone glorifies him, he would close his ears and chant “Vishnu, Vishnu.”

However, in this case he said “Yes you are right, There are two Brahman, One is Krishna Chaitanya and second is Brahmananda Bharati, Both of us are Brahman and Lord Jagannath is Param Brahman, he is the Supreme Lord. Both of us are ordinary living entities, we are Jivas.”

Brahmananda Bharati continued this jolly argument by saying “No, no, no you are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, how can I be Brahman.” And the debate continued. This is the way how devotees don’t take glory and glorify the other person. Brahmananda Bharati quotes series of verse which proves that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the Supreme Personalilty of Godhead and he is the only Brahman, Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya, who become the judge of the debate, for the pleasure of all the devotee declared Brahmananda Bharati as the winner of the debate as his arguments are perfect.

Lord Chaitanya, who is actually relishing sweet rasas by exchanging this interaction, simply replied, “Yes, I agree, I accept whatever Brahmananda Bharati says because a disciple is always defeated by his spiritual master.”

Brahmananda Bharati replies, “Yes, my Lord, you are defeated, however you are not defeated because I am your Guru and you are my disciple, The Lord always get defeated by love of his devotees, you are the Lord and we are the devotee.”

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu replies, “You are saying this because you see you Krishna everywhere and you see Krishna in me as well….”

And now everyone were looking at Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya, as he was judging this debate said, “You both are Victorious. Brahmananda Bharati, you are perfectly right in saying Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme personality of Godhead…”

Lord Chaitanya gets very angry, “Vishnu, Vishnu, you are blaspheming me” and what he does next, he simple goes and embraces Brahmananda Bharati. Mahaprabhu accepted him as he is conquered by his love. And this way, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu always give credit to his devotees and superior positions to them and the devotees give credit to Lord Chaitanya…

And there are many more pastimes in this video telling about the sweetness in the exchanges of Lord Chaitanya where he always gave credit to others.

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