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The only thing one need to learn is Being Humble

Following is an excerpt from Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 13 by Vraja Bihari Das Recorded on 25th July 2015.

Gyana Yoga is discussed in the 13 Chapter. Krishna in 5 verses from verse 8 of this chapter says if you know know this, you will have all knowledge.

The first and most important quality that one needs to cultivate is Humility. In the material world, humility is perceived as weakness and irrespective for materialistic people to become humility is hard because it goes against their ego, goes against their pride.

For devotees, we need to practice humility and need to be aware of the dangers of pride. And in this lecture, we will see many instances from history where dynasty and kingdoms has been destroyed just because some of the leader acted under the influences of Pride, which includes the fall of the Kirshna own kingdom, the Yadu Dynasty perished.

This lecture is also filled with pastimes of Srila Prabhupada on how he valued on the good qualities of the hippies and provided them with love which inspired them to Krishna Consciousness. We would also hear instances where Srila Prabhapada displayed humility where people who came to listen to him were actually against him, blasphemed him and he was still in the mood of serving them and giving Krishna Consciousness to them.

One has to see that whatever actions and time you put it should be in the following 3 principals for the tree of live and you need to manage nourishing all 3 of them.
Self-development – The perfection of Self-development is the taste of holy name and one has to consider all the things like one owns health, listening to right knowledge, etc need to be taken care of to cultivate this self development.
Loving Relationship – Increasing loving relationship to capture somebody heart and get their blessing by associating and listening to create a loving relationship.
Meaningful Contribution – Life is about servicing other and from the mode sacrificing, however, it can be done if one is grounded in self-development and create loving relationship.

The three questions that Sacinandan Maharaj has shared that we can use to know whether we are on the path of Humility.
1. How did serve others and how much did I take something from other?
2. How did appreciate others and how much we expected appreciation from others?
3. How much did I think about Krishna?

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