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Learning to walk in Spiritual life

The path of Bhakti calls upon sincere practitioners to take shelter of god through chanting of the Holy Names. To some this appears difficult in the beginning. But the beauty is it isn’t that difficult as it seems to be. It’s actually very easy; it’s our inherent nature.

When a little child wants to walk, first she crawls; it’s very difficult. You are just lying there. And then you see everyone around you walking. And you want to be like them. And then you try to walk with your parents holding your finger. Again you fall down. And every time you try to walk, you keep falling down. But through the process of practice, you progressively develop the strength and the wisdom to walk. No one thinks about walking when they walk. It’s absolutely natural. But to come to that natural and spontaneous state of walking, you actually took a lot of failed attempts. But you didn’t give up.

Similarly, when we chant the Holy names and try to lead a devotional life, it may appear difficult initially. But if we just try sincerely, associate with genuine people and read books, we will obtain the strength and wisdom, which will further develop into deep realizations. And then spiritual life appears just like walking. It becomes natural to us. The reason the child is able to learn walking is because the ability is inherent within her. If the gift of walking was not intrinsic to the child, she would have never learnt to walk. Through practice, we develop our natural abilities.

This is the secret of spiritual success. It’s actually built-in within the soul to become peaceful and happy by taking shelter of the holy names in all circumstances of life. But it takes practice. And along with practice, two other qualities are very important-Enthusiasm and Patience. We must be enthusiastic to persevere, knowing well that it may take some time. And we must also carry on with patience, and then our natural and inherent loving nature of service to god will blossom fully.

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