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The myth of Free Wi-Fi and Social Network – Part 2

Everything comes with a price – even what you think is free has an invisible price tag attached. The only way you could enjoy a free lunch is if you control your appetite! For those who can’t regulate their senses, if you’re excited by a ‘Free’ offer, it means you just can’t see the price involved- it’s likely more insidious; probably the thing it takes away is your freedom. I saw a cartoon that showed a man jibe at the personified Wi-fi, “I am using you because you are free” to which Mr. Wi-Fi mischievously quipped, “And I use you, Sir because you are free.” WhatsApp and Facebook are free, and we sometimes shell out a good five hours in a day to avail of their services. So are these social networking apps really free?

We get excited by the ‘damn cheap’ 4 G rates or ‘Free’ internet, not realizing the irony of this freedom- it leads to a clenched mind. One can’t think beyond his self and gadget – most people’s eyes are riveted down on their device, failing to appreciate the beautiful, expansive sky above their heads. From self-realization, we’ve moved to a generation of selfies obsession.

A drug pedlar first gives a free sample to an unsuspecting teenager. Soon the lad gets hooked to it, and we’ve heard of young boys rob and murder to get enough money to buy drugs. The ‘free’ offer indeed proved very costly. Many teenage delinquents are victims of freebie propaganda. Often what comes as free, targets your choice and freedom- the aim is not to get your money but you!

Value your choice

And you are made of your volitions. The small daily dose of your actions and decisions determines your character and personality. We need a sense of self-worth to say ‘No’ to things that betray our values and ‘Yes’ to actions that nourish our souls. How can we allow someone else to rob us of our freedom?

To be continued…

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